USB Drives are Feasible but have a Small Disadvantage

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USB flash drive is a small portable data storing device, itis can be as small as one inch and can save data up to 64GB. This device isextremely handy, but, the little disadvantage of USB drive is that it is veryprone to misplacing and theft.

USB (Universal Service Bus) flash drive is a small portabledata storage device, it can be as small as one inch to four inches. Due to itssmall size, it is known as thumb drive, pen drive or jump drive. The storagecapacity of a USB flash drive can be amazing from 64MB to 64GB. The largecapacity of storage enables you to save any kind of data, whether; it is yourpictures, videos, other media files, college and school assignment or importantprojects of your professional life. The portable data storing device isextremely easy to use. It does not require any installation or complexprocedure, just the USB flash drive in the USB port in the computer and you cansave your data in the thumb drive. It does not need any external power supplyto perform its operation which also a feasibility. USB jump drive is currentlythe ruler of the world of portable data storing devices; it has completelysubstituted the use of Floppy disk and captured a huge space of CDs (CompactDisk). USB flash drive is such a convenience to carry your data with you, but,it is not the perfect data carrier. Sometimes, the file saved on the USB flashdrive gets corrupted, this gets really frustrating. Especially, I the file thatis corrupted is something important, it will make you cry out loudly. Usually,the files get corrupted due to the attack of some unseen virus on the portabledevice or on the system you are using. If you use public computers of café,schools, library, college or somewhere else, you are likely to be hit with avirus. These corrupt files are not easy to recover and it might delete yourdocument completely at some occasions.

Other than this problem of files getting corrupt due to thevirus attacks on the drive and computer, these portable data storing device is very prone to lost and theft. Dueto its tiny volume, it easily gets lost or theft, the bulk of data that is userstore in the device, it gets pretty tempting for the thieves who are in searchof precious data to steal it. USB flash drives are one of the basic sources ofdata breach, researches have shown that a large majority of data is leakedthrough USB flash jump drive. These stolen drives are used to extractconfidential data out of these drives and use it against the user of suchportable drives. The majority of the lost or stolen drives do not have much ofa security, which makes the life of thieves and crooks easier. However, if youuse software that can Secure USB, will bebeneficial for you and will protect your information from getting breached. Theseportable data storing devices are amazing; the big flaw that everyone sees inthis device is the never ending threat of losing the thumb drive due to theftor lost. But, taking some precautions and using some security measures, you cangive your data and drive a reliable security.

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