What is the main purpose for designing android tablets?

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As the popularity of the Android tablets is getting increased continuously, manufacturers are developing many tablets.

The similar case is even required for the Android tablets and in fact there includes huge options as you see with the laptops, computers and in the smart phones. Though there is an availability of huge devices that serve you the same purpose but android tablets are finally gaining huge popularity in the present market. Especially the new generation Android tablets that are being developed are concentrating much on giving competition to Apple iPad. Normally these tablets are used for the purpose of sending mails, internet access and even for the multimedia. But the tablets that are emerging in these days are even concentrating on providing solutions even to the individuals in business sector.

After an advanced research it has been identified that majority of people are currently using the android tablets for at least 9 hours in an entire week. So for what purpose you are asking this android tablet for? For how many hours you are using the same when compared with the individual who is using it for about 9 hours in a week. The important question that may arise now is what are the special features that are included in Android tablet and the features that you may not find with the android smart phones.

Normally these android tablet will be and 10 inch lap top that includes about 6 to 12 hours of the battery life. This doesn’t have any mouse or any keyboard. The main intent of designing this android tablet is to ensure that you do all your computer tasks and is quite movement friendly so that you take it to any location you desire. In simpler terms we can tell that these Android tablets are especially for the consumption rather than for the production. The above statement means that these tablets are designed for reading ebooks, web pages, music listening, watching movies, photos, sharing pictures with your friends and many more. Since these Android tablets don’t include any hardware like keyboard or mouse, this gadget may not be beneficial for writing or document processing.  Another best part with this electronic gadget is that it is very easy to use when compared with your regular desktop computer. And of course, it cannot possibly remain unmentioned that type of tablets are much more practical than laptops due to their longer living battery. And when compared with the smart phones, they outdo them as well thanks to their larger screen and the better experience they provide while surfing the web.

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