What to Look for in Web Time Tracking Software

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Web time tracking software must contain features thataddress your business needs. These needs could be reporting, exporting data, accesssharing, expense tracking, etc.

Your workforce is essential in the success of your company.Ways that hinder productivity and growth just don’t have a place in anyorganization. This is why performance evaluation is part and parcel in any job.Employees need to understand that they must at all times perform to the best oftheir ability and be very conscious with time. Tardiness and mañana habit should always beavoided. Any time wasted is equivalent to money squandered. It’s just fortunatethat support tools are available to make sure that you can get a strong hold ofyour people and your business.  One ofthe tools is web time tracking software.


First and foremost, being web-based is already a coolfeature by itself. Most business today recognize the immense help of theInternet  and being able to keep track oftime and employee activities anytime of the day and wherever you are is justone of the advantages. No installation is required. By simply logging in to thesystem, supervising a small or large team of workers doesn’t have to be aproblem whether you’re doing it in an office setting or remotely. What you andyour staff have to do is enter a task and track the time spent on that task.


If you are in the process of choosing which web time trackingsoftware to use, you have to consider certain features that are very basic in time,project and employee management. They are reporting, exporting, access sharingand expense tracking among others.


These features allow you to not only track work hours, butalso assist in your other business processes. The reporting capacity, forexample, will produce performance or progress reports on monthly, quarterly andannual basis. Through this, you’ll get to see if there are areas that do notproduce positive results. You can then come up with measures that will addressthe issues.


Another function that you should consider prior topurchasing this tool is its capability to convert data into other formats likePDF and excel.   In case you need to usethe data in other applications for accounting or integration to other programs,you can easily do so without sacrificing the content and presentation.  Also look for the function that will allowyou to enter expenses for every project so you’ll know if your projects havebeen profitable. Of course, it’s a given that when you track time and if youdetermine it under billable hours, you’ll have automatic billings and invoicesincluding expenses incurred for your customers and clients.


If you’re having a hard time deciding which web time tracking software to subscribe orpurchase, you can first try their trial version, if any, to see if it has thefeatures that you really need. Sometimes, the plan is on a quarterly or annualbasis that you have to way of ending the subscription prematurely. It will beat your advantage to try it first before any purchase or subscription is done.





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