Why Port Testing Software Is A Must Have?

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USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports are basically the interfaceused to connect different types of peripheral devices such as mouse, keyboard,digital cameras, and printers at a single point without rebooting the computer.For example, through a USB port hub several printers can be connected to asingle computer. USB serial port is a boon to IT industry when it comes to sharing ortransferring of data it excels but when it comes to security, it suffers a drawback. Theconfidential data of an organization can leak out easily through this device.So to ensure safety you need to install the port security software.

All systems which work in certain connectivity at anyworkplace exchange a lot of information through a lot of serial port devices.These port devices are used to make the external devices work faster. The orderof the present day is that entire offices of huge firms and corporations run onnumerous ports and there is a heavy rate of exchange and import and export ofvarious data through port devices. This also invites a lot of technicalhazards. Especially when a data brought in through a port device is lost orcarried a potential virus threat. Thus the device might carry a virus and thismay even corrupt a system.


To cater to such problems, port testing software can be usedto check all the exchanges and also to analyze all the data of a computer. Suchsoftware can be used to codify and test the data as well. It does not requireany additional hardware. This port software essentially saves you from thetedious job of going through the protocol and manually moving into every portto do your particular job.


The buyers of these pc software products need to install theprograms on their computer and it would operate to code, test and analyze anydata in any of the computers serially connected to that system. Port testingsoftware are on sale on the websites of the firms which manufacture them. Theycome in various editions and latest editions are constantly updated on the webpages. Depending on the processing power of the software the prices vary. Theycome in the range of $30 – $145.


These port test tools also carry out the task of mapping andmonitoring the serial port connector when in use. Installing such software onyour system would enable you to have a look at any particular data which yoursystem has received or has exported. It also performs the same vigilancefunction on the modem as well that connects a group of computers. From yourinterface you can access to that targeted port and look at any data which hasbeen exchanged among the different nodes.


Another function of this computer software is to organizeall the data that has been shared or circulated. This is a common feature inany workplace, where a single project might be worked on separately on severalnodes. Thus some essential data might be shared through the serial portconnectors on more than one system. This software also do the job of openingdifferent port connectors that are not compatible to your system.


There are websites that offer free downloads of this portscanning software. A range of products of different companies are cataloged.Online shops have vast amount of literature regarding the functions, downloads,publishers and their advantages. Besides, they also carry ratings of porttesting software by the other users. There happens to be enough information toknow about the products and make a wise choice.

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