Window Partition Recovery: Recover Data from Lost Partitions

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Lost Windows partitions? You can recover them with partition recovery too. Here you’ll why partition recovery is possible and how.

Data loss is inevitable even you make great efforts to avoid it. Accidental deletion, virus attacks, formatting, system crash and more can simply cause data loss. It’s a small cake for you if you have a backup. If not, it might be a disaster. Fortunately, data recovery is possible by using a data recovery tool, which enables you to recover lost data from your computer, digital camera, memory card, USB drive, hard drive and other storage devices.

In this lens, you’ll find how to recover your lost, formatted & deleted partitions. To be exactly, how to retrieve lost data from your lost, formatted & deleted partitions. Windows partitions can be easily lost due to virus infection, file system corruption and disk formatting, unexpected system shutdown, power failure, human errors, etc.

Why Windows Partition Recovery Is Possible?Do you know that your data and partitions actually remain intact on your hard drive after deleting or formatting, until they are being overwritten by other data? So when you come across data loss, the first thing is to stop saving files to the hard disk or device where the lost data store.

When your delete or format a partition, only the partition table entry is removed and the partition remains physically intact. A deleted or formatted partition can be recovered in most cases. To do this, all you need is a Windows partition recovery tool. By using advanced scanning mechanisms, some great tools allow you to methodically scan entire hard drive and extract lost partitions from it. And these partition recovery tools usually come in simple GUI interface, which allows you to recover partitions within a few simple clicks. 100% security is also guaranteed.

Recover Partitions with Partition Recovery ToolThe partition recovery tool from Stellar Phoenix is a great choice to recover lost, deleted or formatted partitions in Windows. It’s not merely a partition recovery tool, but also a tool for file recovery, photo recovery, optical media recovery, audio/video recovery, deleted database recovery and more into one simple application. With this tool, you can: * Partition Recovery – Retrieve all your lost data from any FAT, NTFS or exFAT file system based deleted or formatted Windows partition. * File Recovery – Get back your important files and folders lost due to the complete formatting of the partitions or the logical volume. * Photo Recovery – Rescue lost, formatted, or deleted photos from hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards, etc. * Optical Media Recovery – Recover lost files from corrupt or damaged CD/DVD, CD ROM, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RW, and Blu-ray discs. * Audio/Video Recovery – Recover various multimedia files (songs, movies, etc.) from hard drives, USB flash drives, multimedia cards, etc.

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