Apple Users in China can no longer use Skype!

January 7, 2018 by  Filed under: Computer 

Apple on Tuesday, 22 November removed several applications, including the internet phone call and messaging service, Skype from its app store.

The decision was made after the country’s government pointed to violation of local laws. The authorities said that this action is designed to protect privacy of the information and avoid online terrorist activities. Foreign tech rules along with the businesses operating in the country said internet rules are too strict and could also affect their local operations.

An Apple spokeswoman told the authorities that “We have been notified by the Ministry of Public Security that a number of voice over internet protocol applications don’t comply with the local law. Therefore, we are removing these apps from the app store in China”. Apart from Alphabet’s Google, Facebook and Twitter, Skype is the latest addition to the list of internet platform that have become inaccessible to the users in China.

Adding that the disruption started in October, New York Times had reported that several Chinese users are complaining as they were not able to pay for Skype’s services through Apple. These apps remain available in all other markets they do business. In past few years, Beijing, China’s massive capital has pursued a number of regulations and laws that have raise concern from the companies planning to enhance their user base in China.

In 2016, the Chinese govt. controlled online publication to rein in the internet. That is because the govt. perceives the internet as an important domain for regulating public opinion and removing anti-Beijing sentiments. Microsoft, the tech giant did not respond to the request for comment.


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