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It is a statement of fact that laptops and mobile phones were not designed to last you a lifetime. If you have made use of the same mobile phone or laptop for quite a while, you are perhaps in the best position to tell that efficiency reduces with time. Quite some laptop users have never thought about the reasons that are responsible for the drop in efficiency of their laptops and mobile phones. All they have learnt to do is manage the many problems associated with their laptops even if it means troubleshooting on a daily basis.


It is important to know that making a device last longer than it was really designed to will not only make you very uncomfortable; it will also affect your work rate and overall efficiency. Although it is okay to be in love with your mobile phone and laptop, it is important to note that these devices will not always be with you.

As the years go by, lots of technology trends have come and gone. All these trends have offered a lot to tech lovers. In as much as these technology trends were targeted at helping laptop and mobile device users obtain satisfaction from their devices, they have also affected laptop users negatively. Although many are yet to realize this, the facts are very evident.

That said, below are some technology trends that have not only affected mobile phone and laptop users negatively but have also shortened the lifespan of these devices.


It is an undeniable fact that the average laptop user prefers lighter and thinner laptops to the more sturdy, thick and relatively heavy laptops. Just like every trend in the technology world, the pattern of making mobile phones and laptops lighter and thinner has its benefits as well as downsides.

Now, talking about the benefits of thinner and lighter mobile phones and laptops; if you have made use of both an older laptop model and a more recent laptop model, you must have noticed some differences. Apart from the differences that you must have seen, you can attest to the fact that thinner and lighter laptops appear to offer better satisfaction. Inasmuch as there are lots of detailed reasons why this is so, there are also some undeniable reasons. Some of this apparent reasons are; the ease with which thinner and lighter laptops can be carried about. Unlike older and heavier laptops which are sometimes responsible for back pain, thinner and lighter laptops can be carried around all day without any traces of back pain. They also occupy little space. This implies that they can be carried in much smaller compartments and are not conspicuous.

While thinner mobile phones and laptops have lots of benefits, they have a very major downside. This downside is; slimmer and lighter laptops and mobile phones have a shorter lifespan than older and heavier laptops. Although not many people are aware of this fact, the reason for this shortage in lifespan is quite apparent. Lighter laptops are made of less sturdy materials. As a result of this, the tendency for this material to fail is much higher than that of a more substantial laptop. This downside is pronounced in the laptop’s DVD drawer. As laptops get lighter, their DVD drives also get lighter, and are more likely to get bad in a short while.

Two significant reasons that are responsible for the shortage of lifespan as a result of laptops getting thinner and lighter are heat dissipation and the absence of readily available skilled technicians.


It is quite reasonable for mobile phones as well as laptops to get overheated. This overheating is due to the many electronic components that are placed inside mobile phones and laptops. As the electronic components of a laptop function, heat is given out in very high intensity. As a result of this, laptops need an excellent cooling mechanism to pass out this vast quantity of heat that is being produced. Now, while it is very average for PCs to produce high amounts of heat, desktops are known to be more efficient at dissipating this high quantity of heat. Just in the same way that desktops dissipate heat with more ease than laptops do, more massive and thicker laptops also dissipate more heat than thinner and lighter laptops and mobile phone. The reason for this is straightforward; the components of smaller and lighter laptops and mobile devices are more closely packed and as a result of this give very little room for heat to get released effectively. Apart from the fact that newer laptops are thinner, they also need more processor power to run. As a result of this, they generate more heat.

Overheating, when appropriately managed will not pose so much problems to your laptop. However, when mismanaged, is a great factor for shortening the lifespan of laptops as well as mobile phones.


The switch from fixing desktops to fixing laptops is not a very easy one for any technician. While this shift in itself is considered a very difficult one, it is entirely nothing compared to the extra skill that is required in fixing very recent laptops. It is no longer news that smaller laptops come with very small pieces and parts and are not as easy to handle as older laptops which offer a little space. The tight compartment of very recent laptops gives technicians little or no room to fix them when they get bad. As a result of this, owners of new mobile devices as well as laptops have no choice but to get new laptops after they encounter significant setbacks.


As technology improves, more and more laptops are being converted to gaming devices. This is owed to an improvement in the graphics card that laptops come with. Although this improvement in technology is considered a blessing, it goes a long way in affecting the lifespan of your laptop and mobile phone.

Most gaming laptops do not give room for upgrades, this attribute of gaming laptops is the number one reason for a reduction in the lifespan of laptops. That is not all about gaming laptops and low lifespans. When games are played with laptops, the laptop is put under a lot of pressure. This usually leads to a high amount of heat being dissipated. The more powerful a CPU is, the more heat it generates. Knowing fully well that it is an uphill task to take out the heat that is produced in an enclosed space, your laptop usually has no option than to break down sooner than expected. Well, you might say as technology advances, laptop and mobile phone manufacturers have also become more creative and better at helping laptops cool. That does not replace the fact that when used under high intensity such as gaming, even the best of laptops will pack up in a matter of years.


Wireless charging is perhaps the most recent trend in the world of mobile phones and laptops. Although it is still not mainstream, it is fast gaining acceptance and has been embraced by Dell computers. In as much as not many people make use laptops and mobile phones that make use of wireless charging, it is good to know how it affects your computer negatively. Wireless charging unarguably has a lot of merits. However, its downsides are particularly dangerous for the lifespan of your laptop and mobile phone.

Some of the downsides of wireless charging which affect the lifespan of your laptop and mobile phone are:

A high amount of heat dissipation and low-efficiency charging

The high amount of heat that is dissipated when laptops and mobile phones are charged with wireless chargers is much more than that dissipated when these devices are charged with conventional chargers. This, although might be overlooked by some people. However, the process of giving out a lot of heat is considered one of the first recipes for the quick break down of mobile phones and laptops.

Wireless Charging makes Your Laptop immobile

Now, if this attribute of wireless charging is not looked at in detail, it might actually appear harmless. In spite of this, it is not any benign than heat to your laptop.

One of the ways to make sure your laptop battery serves you for a long time is to ensure that you do not use it while it charges. Although this rule is pretty simple, it is difficult to apply it when making use of wireless charging. The reason for this is wireless charging is very slow. It, therefore, leads you to have to make use of your laptop while it charges. This damages your laptop battery in the long run and hence cus down your laptop lifespan.

The Advent of Touch Screens

Touchscreens have not been around for a very long time. In spite of this, they have gained absolute acceptance among mobile phone users and are gaining ground among laptop users. There is no doubt that touch screens have greatly improved the aesthetics of phones. That notwithstanding, they have also significantly affected the durability of phones. Unlike older mobile phone screens which were very affordable and could be fixed very easily, touch screens cost a fortune to fix. As a result of this, once they get damaged most people prefer to get new phones instead of getting them fixed. Thus bringing an end to the lifespan of the mobile device.


The importance of new trends in technology cannot be overemphasized. That, however, does not mean they do not have flaws. This, therefore, makes it important to know how new technology trends affect your devices before taking advantage of such trends. More importantly this drives consumerism and the need of services like or among others that offer convenient ways of recycling unwanted electronics.

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