What Are The Different Sort of Online Infection?

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A computer can get infected with different types of infections such as virus, spyware, malware, spam etc. But users hardly know what’s the difference among these and how they can deal with them. But your query will be resolved after reading this article.

We all know that in recent time cybercriminals have spread their web everywhere and they are trying different means to attack your PC. A computer can get infected with different sort of infections such as viruses, malware, Spyware, worms, cookies and so on. To fight against these online threats we can trust on Norton antivirus program. You can install it easily from Norton website, with the help of experts of Norton Helpline Number UK. But here in this article we are basically going to discuss about different kinds of infections. Let us understand what they actually are.

Virus: Viruses are a special program that is designed to enter your PC just to damage your files and data. Viruses are designed in such a manner that they can duplicate themselves. Some well-known viruses are W32.Sfc!mod, ABAP.Rivas.A and Accept.3773. A virus can enter your device through email attachments or detachable drives. They can also enter your device through internet.

This is the reason it is always said that one should always make sure that the file is safe before downloading it. A virus can only infect your PC if you run the infected file or program. There are different types of viruses, few of them are mentioned below:

  • File Virus
  • Stealth virus
  • Macro virus
  • Polymorphic virus
  • Boot sector virus
  • Master boot record virus
  • Multipartite virus

Worms: There is a malicious program that’s the only purpose is to duplicate itself again and again. They are not as dangerous as the virus as they do not harm your files or data. They are generally spread because of exploiting vulnerabilities in the OS. As worms replicate itself, the files and data will consume more CPU, thus making your system slow

Trojans: Trojan horses are a kind of destructive program that can be really destructive. They make your system vulnerable as they open a backdoor for malicious users to get access to your confidential and financial information.

Adware: They are kind of software application that runs advertisement when you are working on any other program. Such software gets automatically downloaded into the system. The main purpose of adware is marketing.

Spam: Spam is a form of email message that is sent to multiple users. Most of the time, spam are for commercial advertisement. In general, they are also known as junk emails. The cybercriminals use spam mails to attack any computer.

Spyware: Spyware is programs that get installed without user’s permission just to steal their personal information. The user’s computer and browsing is monitored by a remote user without their knowledge. Spyware is quite similar to adware but they are installed when we install some other freeware type program.

Cookies: Cookies just store data about your browsing practice. Many companies use cookies to track visitor’s information. Tracking cookies are mainly used by hackers and companies to get your personal and financial details.

The best way to deal with such malicious and harmful programs is to get Norton installed on your device. Norton is fully capable of fighting against all this. In fact, even if you face any issue with Norton, then to you can get its resolution from technical experts by making a call at Norton Support Number UK.


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