Why Defragmenting Your Hard Drive Is Important

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Defragmentation in simple words is one of the best ways to enhance your PC’s performance. Anybody who is defragmenting his disk for any other reason has got it wrong. The only goal of disk defragmentation should be efficiency.


When you go for defragmentation of your computer you basically do cleaning of house for your PC. It is basically needed to be done for increasing the speed and keeping the system healthy.

Before you understand defragmentation it is important to know what fragmentation is. Fragmentation is known to reduce the storage capacity of the hard drive as it makes inefficient use of storage space and hence affects performance of drive. When you perform defrag windows 10 in your laptop or PC you basically reduce the amount of fragmentation. This action is rewarded with better health and speed of your computer.

You might not know how fragmentation takes place inside your drive. Every time a new file is saved to hard disk it gets placed at the end of existing saved data. It continues to happen until you delete some of the previous files or the hard disk is full. When you delete some file from the disk it creates a free space. In the same manner, over the time a lot more free space is left in your hard disk. As a result your hard drive is filled with these free spaces which are inefficient. They are inefficient of accommodating new files. This is the point where actual problem starts. In such situation a file is not located in the same physical location on the disk. Since it is scattered around it takes a lot of time to open a file. This causes the slowing down of computer.

Defragging your computer hard disk is important to rearrange the saved files. Consolidated data is easily located and supports hard disk to run efficiently.



By now you know that due to fragmentation a piece of information is stored in small bits across the hard drive. Due to this when the data is recalled it takes a lot of time to retrieve the same. It consumes both time and energy and it obviously makes your operating system slow.

Benefits Of Defragging:

Why should you go for defragmentation should be very clear in head of every PC user. The best benefits of defragging hard drive of your PC include:

  • Fast running programs- With consolidated or grouped data applications run faster and efficiently.
  • Extended life of hard drive- You want to utilize your drive for longer periods of time, make sure you do defrag your drive regularly.
  • Better security- Like other programs, antivirus program also runs better and faster in defragmented drive. If files in your drive are not scattered the virus protection program will scan the files in less time and capture the virus sooner. It will be hence able to delete the malware before their spread.
  • Longer battery life- As data retrieval will consume lesser time after defragmentation it will be good for your battery’s life too.

Disk defragmenting can take a while of your time but it is essential for a fast and secure computing experience.

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