Advanced Affiliate Marketing – Use All 3 Types of Videos For Affiliate Marketing Success

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There are 3 different types of effective video promotions you should be incorporating in your advanced affiliate marketing: live action, screen capture and software-generated video. In today’s TV and sound-bites culture, video is one of the most powerful tools in your affiliate marketing (read on...)

Niche Marketing Videos – Double Punch!

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These days it seems everyone is online.┬áBy that, I don’t mean just using an online computer but putting your content on the net either with your own personal website or a business website or maybe you just contribute to a site where you post your opinion or videos.┬áMany people are also (read on...)

Video Sites – 6 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Niche Video Site

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Introduction A global research company, Comscore, recently stated that in a typical month 35% of everyone who goes online worldwide visit YouTube (Source: Social media sites are growing exponentially – almost doubling every six months. So the trend is up … and video (read on...)