All You Need To Know About Ezine Marketing

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Not many people are aware that their article writing skills can earn them an income. There are quite a number of people who write articles for fun. Well, this information is to help such people know of ways to market their skills and look for avenues to generate an extra income. There are (read on...)

Where Did My Traffic Go?

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So how do you get your traffic back? Starting off I want to jump into some techniques you really need to be using and not try to ‘fix’ anything. Every time Google makes an update we all have to ‘fix’ something and the fact is, I don’t want to. I just want a (read on...)

Quantity Article Marketing for SEO

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When planning article marketing for SEO, one question that may arise, is how many articles should I publish? The quantity of articles is very important, but there is no set rule for every website. The choice is up to the website owner. If the website is new and does not really have a place on the (read on...)

Article Marketing and Back-Links – Tried and True Methods for Promoting Your Website

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A very powerful search engine optimization device is article marketing, which entails writing articles based on a particular blog post, and submitting them to either article directories, or to other websites using the platform of guest-blogging. The beginning search engine marketer would do well (read on...)

Tips to Be on the First Page on Google

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Take a few minutes to do a little bit of keyword research before creating blog posts, articles or videos you can maximize your exposure and get found by thousands people on the most popular search engine around. If you do not already have a Google account sign up for FREE. Now you may ask how can (read on...)

How Does a SEO Content Writer Use Article Directories to Build Linkbacks?

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Last time we talked about linkbacks, which are hyperlinks that point back to the client’s website from other sites. The best way to build linkbacks is probably to establish mutually-beneficial relationships with other sites that will want to promote you. That takes time and investment, (read on...)

10 Down and Dirty Ways to Get More Website Traffic With Video Marketing

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I spend most of my time writing articles, and blog post each day. Over the years I realized, that if you take that same article, turn it into a video, you reach a huge untapped market. We live in the TV age, with many of us sitting in front of the tube for hours. It makes perfect sense that we (read on...)

How to Index Backlinks: Three Tips That Could Turn the Ocean

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Indexing backlinks is one of the biggest things you may overlook when backlinking your sites. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers fail to realize that you can’t just backlink and expect results. Search engines have to know that the link is there first. This article will provide you of three (read on...)

What Is SEO Article Marketing?

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Online businesses have become the norm of the day, and you can find thousands of them over the internet. So how does one promote online business and market their products to their customers? There are a number of ways of doing so and out of which SEO or Search Engine Optimized “Article (read on...)

Basic Idea: Surrounding Article Marketing and SEO

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When Internet users looking for a product, service, theme, or information about an area of interest to them. How do they do it? The search engine is the most used search tool. Because search can bring large volumes of traffic to your site, you must understand how the major search sites work and (read on...)