3 Article Marketing Tips That Should Not Go Overlooked

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Luckily for those of us struggling to attract traffic to our content, there are various proven article marketing tips that can help. As most of you know, a blog can serve as a powerful base for your online business. Your blog, or business website in some cases, hosts an online library of content (read on...)

What’s in a Word? Google AdWords and Keyword Strategy

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Search engine optimization is a sticky wicket, one that Google AdWords is intended to help address. Keywords long have been seen as an integral part of the SEO process, since search engines often select articles based on the prevalence or relevance of keywords present in the article. However, (read on...)

Article Marketing Tips to Hook Your Readers

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Many article marketing tips focus on the bottom line. That is, they are intended mainly to create high quality back links to a website. This however is not the best perspective to adopt. Aside from boosting the page rank of a site, articles submitted to directories should also serve as attractive (read on...)

Article Marketing SEO – 5 Simple Strategies

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I’ve heard it said that article marketing SEO is effectively dead and that it has outlived its useful life! Well, think again, because even in this age of video marketing, article marketing can be extremely powerful and bring high quality leads to your site. Article Marketing SEO can seem (read on...)

What is Article Marketing and How Should it Be Done?

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If you are master of some domain or subject and you love writing, you don’t need any special skills for writing excellent articles. On the other hand, if you lack writing skills you need to have a resource that can produce well written articles for you. What I mean to say is that anyone can (read on...)