How To Build Backlinks On Autopilot

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There are two main things I find annoying about building back links through article submissions. The first one is creating the content; the second is finding good quality places to put it. When I first started doing this work myself I discovered that it was costing me a lot of time building back (read on...)

5 Low Cost Effective Ways of Setting Up Incoming Links to Your Website

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As you’re creating and implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for your website you will for sure be looking into setting up relevant incoming links. Setting up incoming links for your site is one of the most significant keys to success in getting website traffic as (read on...)

Online Marketing and Article Submission: The Best Choice

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It is not by accident that many businesses are finding their way online with an article submission service. The internet has taken the world by storm and because of the sheer numbers that the internet commands, the world of business was bound to be taken by storm. Businesses like places with many (read on...)

SEO As New Trend in Business

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the now the new trend in marketing of any business. SEO helps your business to grow by targeting the relevant keywords when searches are conducted online. Millions and millions of people search online for their needs every day. Businesses appearing on the first (read on...)

Why I Don’t Like What SEO Has Done to Me

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I am not too happy with SEO. Although, I am firmly entrenched in doing the traffic building exercise along with thousands of others, I am slowly realizing how far away it is taking the business from its fundamental mission. Before I get to my main objections, I would like to say this though to (read on...)

Search Engine Marketing – The Key to Promote a Website

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There are many aspects of SEO for business development purposes that have to be considered before determining the best search engine optimization strategies to use on your website, and understanding how search engines list your website is one of these. It’s imperative that a web site is (read on...)

In Essence, Article Submissions Trade Knowledge For Back Links

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Article submissions are one of the legal ways of increasing your ranking when it comes to SEO and in addition this is favored by Google. If you are an expert in your field than you already know what visitors are searching for and all that you need to do have articles written which express your (read on...)

Article Marketing For Backlinking

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This topic is huge, no doubt about it! It is the most utilized method for ranking sites on Google’s first page! The basic principles are to submit your own articles (written by you or by someone you employ) to either a single article directory if you wish, or to many article directories. (read on...)

Keeping SEO in Mind When Writing Articles

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The best way to attract traffic into your website is through writing SEO articles and posting them on the website. The success of article marketing requires much more than just writing SEO articles. You need to do this within a strategy. The articles that you write need to be of high quality that (read on...)

How Much Value Do You Put Into Your PageRank?

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The web is a dynamic and growing world with so much competition in terms of PageRank. So what role does PageRank play in the internet and does the value you put into it affect anything? Your page rank can be zero today but sky rocket to three in a week. This will be determined by what you are (read on...)