Online Video Marketing – What’s The Secret To Get Traffic With Video?

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There is NO SECRET to Online Video Marketing. You guessed it right. However, I do have some cool tips to give you. But before we get into that let me just break the myth thing down. When you see some videos online and I’ve been looking a lot recently and I’ve found some really cool (read on...)

SEO Back Links or Unique Content? The Importance of a Balanced Approach

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There are many schools of thought on how to effectively build the level of trust, also known as page rank, that each search engine attributes to your site. The more a search engine trusts that your site contains unique and relevant content, the more it will display pages in your site to people (read on...)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 4 Easy Steps for Google, Yahoo, Bing and Many Others

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Step one: Keyword density Keyword density is essentially the number of times the keywords are used on your page relative to the total number of words on the page. If you had a page that was 1000 words in total and you used your keyword 100 times you would have a keyword density of 10% (this is (read on...)

3 Main Components of Search Engine Optimisation

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Are you thinking of branching out into online business? Do you have a website that does not get any traffic? If you answer yes to these questions then you should look into search engine optimization. SEO is one of the most fundamental parts of success on the internet. By having a good SEO (read on...)

Learn SEO: SEO Tips for Beginners

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According to Google, 95% of all online searchers never go past the first page of results. Ask yourself these two questions: 1. Is my website on the first page of results for my industry’s major keywords? If not… 2. What can I do about it? If your website is not showing up on the first (read on...)

How to Create Powerful Backlinks

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For the foreseeable future link building and creating back links to your website will be the most important aspect of a SEO Campaign, and the main influence in getting your website ranked higher in search engines like Google. With this in mind I have come up with 5 easy steps for you to consider (read on...)

SEO Link Building Tips and Techniques

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As of right now, back links are the most important factor when it comes to the search engines deciding where to rank your website. In the future that may change, but there is no doubt that back links will still continue to be an important factor in the ranking process. Because of this fact, it is (read on...)

6 Techniques Of Offsite SEO Everyone Should Know About

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Introduction There are two main types of Search Engine Optimization: On-site SEO: This type of Search Engine Optimization includes all the rules and tips we need to apply in order to optimize our website on-site. The optimization of the Titles, the Meta description tags, the Alt Tags (for (read on...)

Use Anchor Text Links To Increase Rankings

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I won’t assume everyone knows what I am referring to when I say to use anchor text links to increase search engine ranking. Anchor text, also called link label, link text, or link title, are the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. Usually, search engines will analyze anchor text from (read on...)

Build Your Links For Free!

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If you are an internet marketer or a website owner, it is possible that you are aware about how challenging link building can be. For one, it consumes too much of your time plus it is also very frustrating. What’s worse about it is that, it also can be quite expensive. This is true whether (read on...)