Beginner’s Guide to Banner Ads

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You see them everywhere on the internet: Ad Banners and Buttons. What are ad banners used for? Where do you get them? And how do you use them? In this Beginners Guide to Banner Ads, you will get good sage information to answer these questions and more. Banners are needed for Internet Ads, Email (read on...)

Where To Place Banner Ads For Maximum Performance For More Sales

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Having a product or service for sale online can be a lucrative business if ad placement is properly setup on the page. As well, being an affiliate marketing a product for a vendor also has its advantages – but, one must know where to place the banner ads in order to get more positive (read on...)

Proper Advertising With Banners

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There are hue and cries over reduction of effect of banner advertisements. But, that is not true. Still, advertisers show craving for media rich banners. Industry specialist Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, in a web article published at Web Marketing Today on March 31, 2009, observed that there might be some (read on...)

UAP the Universal Ad Package and Banner Ads – Standards are Good for Website Design

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If you are planning a banner ad campaign to advertise your website or if you are going to allow banner advertising on your website you should know about the UAP or Universal Advertising Package. Banner advertisements have standard sizes and there are many to choose from. However, there is a (read on...)