Ways to Turn Your Site More SEO Friendly

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Bloggers around the world know the importance of getting your blogs ranked in search engines. While some bloggers rely on referral traffic from other websites to offer its visitors, most bloggers get their traffic from search engines. In a recent survey it is estimated that over 65% of blog (read on...)

Blog Traffic: Strategies of Maintaining Consistency

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The fact that you have come up with a blog today does not mean that you should just sit back, relax and smile all the way to the bank. Being able to increase traffic to your blog is a continuous process. It does not end after you get your first sales. Actually your first sales should be a (read on...)

The Benefits of Using Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization means putting your site in such a way that it is visible to the search engines(SE). This means that people who want to visit your site can do so using information they get from the SE.If for example you are operating an online business on computer accessories such as (read on...)

The Creative Games in SEO to Get More Web Traffic

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What is the cardinal ingredient contributing to a successful implementation of SEO strategies? Most people consider money to be that ingredient. We don’t deny that money is important, but not always. Sometimes ventures and efforts that have a support of million dollars fail disastrously and (read on...)

Best SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic to Your Website and Blog

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So much has been said about SEO and the internet is particularly flooded with information about SEO tactics that will indeed help you increase traffic. It is not however a wonder to get some scrupulous people claiming that they can optimize your pages to help you get to top ranks within a short (read on...)

Increase Web Traffic: Expert Keyword Handling That Will Take You to the Top

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Have you realized that there are some methods of increasing web traffic that are more effective than others? Well, ask many online business gurus and they will tell you that among the methods they hold high are search engine optimization and article marketing. However, even with these methods, (read on...)

Top Free Video Marketing Websites on the Web

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The large number of free user generated video sites is proof of the growing influence of internet videos for social, political, educational and economic reasons. Internet video can be a particularly effective way to market one’s products online and get web traffic. But the site where one (read on...)

An Internet Marketing Video – Building Up to an Effective Call to Action

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When developing an online video for your business, you must have an objective in mind. Whether the video is informational or one meant to directly generate more web traffic and sales, there must be a call to action at some point in the video. But not just any call to action will be effective. (read on...)

Problems With Amateur Internet Video and How to Improve Them to Increase Traffic

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Video marketing is the new buzz in internet marketing. Internet businesses are increasingly incorporating internet video when marketing their products and services. But there has been one major problem with this marketing strategy – online entrepreneurs taking their video production for (read on...)

Blog Traffic – Creating High Quality Videos

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As discussed in my previous article Blog Traffic – Introduction to Video Marketing using videos to market your blog is a highly effective way to build readership, revenue and establish a powerful online brand. Just imagine being able to personally welcome visitors to your blog and guide (read on...)

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