Social Bookmarking Software – is it useful?

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Why are you reading this article?  Maybe, because you are an entrepreneur who wants to improve his work, to have a better life, better opportunity and openness. Social bookmarking software is the best… Why are you reading this article?  Maybe, because you are an entrepreneur (read on...)

Keywords – Not Just for Websites Anymore

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It is always a great idea to have a list of words and phrases that might be good search terms for your business. There are a couple of pretty easy ways to come up with this list (more about that later) and there are definitely lots of ways to use it. Most people think of keywords and phrases as (read on...)

Factors to Consider Before Buying That Search Engine Marketing Plan

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You’ve made your website. All the content is top-notch with those great-looking graphics. Now what? Where are the visitors? You build it and they shall come is not true on the Internet. On a platform where a user can be transported from one place to another at the click of a button, getting (read on...)

How to Choose the Best SEO Software

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It is not enough to create a website with good contents and cool graphics or designs. It is also not enough that you have found the perfect niche for your business. You still have to do one very important thing. And that is to think of a way on how to promote your website and make it visible to (read on...)

Social Media Optimization SMO – Your One-Stop Instant Traffic Source

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Before moving on to the details, we should first know what exactly is Social Media optimization? Blogs, Social News, Social Networking, Online Video are the elements facilitating the process to which we refer as social media optimization (SMO) The concept following SMO is straightforward: apply (read on...)

Got Video Content? Share it With Millions of People

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In this article, I’m going to show you how to share your video content with millions of people and get your video seen by more than just YouTube users. I’m assuming you already have your video uploaded to a video sharing website like YouTube, so getting your video seen by the world (read on...)

Is There a Place For SEO in Our Web 2 World?

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For the last 10 years Google has kept one step ahead of the majority of the competition to dominate the search landscape. The Google brand is now the most powerful in the world and has an overwhelming majority share of the Search Engine market with around 75% domination. The founders of Google, (read on...)

The Truth About Domain Names – Hello It’s 2008

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It’s unbelievable, you see it all the time – – 3 qualities of good domain names, how to choose a good name or something along this line, tips for selecting and registering a perfect domain. Here is what the experts will tell you. Choose a short name. Register a unique domain (read on...)