When It Comes to Domain Names You Must Realize That a URL Is Not a Brand Name

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The other day, I was talking to an online startup company that had some decent funding. They were interested in a little bit of consulting expertise from me and had inquired about the proper domain name strategies to help catapult their business. They immediately started looking at potential (read on...)

Pro Tips For Choosing Your Domain Name

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Choosing a domain name is the first step in creating your online presence. The right name will help to establish your online credibility and can be a key part of your organizations branding strategy. Domain names can be categorized into Top Level Domain (TLD) and country code Top Level Domain (read on...)

The Importance of Domain Names for SEO

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Domain names are very important for a website’s survival in the competitive online market. When a visitor can find a website by a keyword, product or brand name, then what is the importance of the domain? There are many answers for that question, but first let’s discuss what a domain (read on...)

Domain Name Brands: The 3 Most Important Attributes Needed for Success

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To the typical Internet user, domain names are usually taken for granted. For companies or individuals looking to establish a web presence or Internet business the right domain brand name development can make the difference between success and failure. Based on my research, there are three (read on...)

Branding Your Web Hosting Business

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There are certain companies or business in the world which are well known to the people everywhere and even people can remember them and they are synonymous to their signs, logos and slogans. Making a brand name is not that easy and a branding is not done in a day. A brand name tells the world (read on...)

Domain Name Woes: Mistakes to Avoid When You Decide You’re Unhappy With Your Website’s Domain Name

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Do you regret the web address you’ve chosen for your business? If you’ve been online for a while, you may find your domain name is causing some unforeseen problems. If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. Chris Guillebeau is a successful professional blogger and traveler. (read on...)

Is Your Website Being Held Hostage?

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Do you know who legally owns your domain name? Most companies are dumbfounded when they find out who does! It can happen to anyone, even us! That’s right, we fell victim as well and did not even realize it until we tried to help out a client. A good and honest web developer or web host will (read on...)

SEO Link Building For Brands Using Search Engines

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Link building for an SEO site is a daunting task especially at the very beginning. It becomes a puzzle just where to start from and the directional drift that the link will profitably make. All this can be solved by web browsing through exploratory channels like Google that will give an idea of (read on...)

Claim Your Name, Even If You Never Plan to Use It

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A client learned a valuable lesson today with regards to preserving himself as a brand. While he achieved success in two businesses and thought ahead to obtain a number of domain names pertinent to his business, he never bothered to register his own name as a URL. One might not consider this a (read on...)

Protect Your Online Business Reputation Through SERM

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If you have been running an online business, a lot of people (specially your business rivals) will attempt to soil your name or your company name. Just by using the power of the internet, it is easy for an individual to create a free blog or an online complaint to make derogatory and negative (read on...)

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