Isn’t It Time You Got Viral? The Honey Badger Would

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Probably 99% of us have seen the insanely viral “Honey Badger” video that has spread across YouTube with over 45 million viewers in a year. If you haven’t, ‘Google’ the phrase ‘honey badger’ and you will find the first page filled with references to the (read on...)

Essential Web Video Concepts: Make ’em Feel

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As much as some would have you believe that marketing can be formulized into a predictable certainty, it just isn’t so. The movie and music industries seem to be perpetually striving to boil-down human nature into some kind of algorithmic absolute, but the results have been, and will always (read on...)

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Dilemma

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Communication is a complex subject, and each new form of oral, visual, or digital dialogue has its own set of criteria that make it effective; as well as its own snake pit of hazards that can make it downright dangerous. Let’s put the current Macarena’s of marketing, Facebook, Twitter (read on...)

Create Videos To Deliver A Marketing Message That Is Punchy and Polished

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Videos are a great way to promote your business. Cameras today are very affordable as is editing software. A YouTube channel takes just minutes to set up. Throw in a variety of interesting backgrounds and a little stage presence, and you’ve got the makings of an impressive, and more (read on...)

If You Were a Car, What Car Would You Be?

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Of course I am talking about branding. As Network Marketers we work on branding ourselves. Most people are familiar with the branding of car companies. Hence the exercise to compare yourself with a car brand. Branding is all about the experience of the brand. We try to attach positive feelings to (read on...)

CPM Advertising – Advice for the Savvy Business Owner When Purchasing

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When purchasing online advertising, one of the terms you will hear most frequently in the industry is CPM, also known as “Cost Per Mil” or “Cost per Thousand” advertising. What does this mean? It means that you are paying a certain rate for a 1000 impressions, or the (read on...)

Do I Need A Corporate Identity?

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The short answer is YES! Regardless of the size of your business, it is vitally important that your customers recognise your branding, particularly in the increasingly competitive website marketing culture. This can be anything from your colour scheme and images to your company logo and tagline. (read on...)

5 Criminal SEO Uses That Can Murder Site Visibility and User Experience

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We all want our websites to be ranked higher on Google and be more visible – but we have to balance out how much effort to put into SEO without destroying the user experience. SEO is imperative for your website to get searched on the major search engines but its overuse can also hurt your (read on...)

Maximize Your Email Marketing Results Through the Use of Advanced Design Elements

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Email marketing has been a valuable component of business development campaigns since the early 1990s. However, technology has evolved dramatically since the 1990s, affecting the design and accessibility of emails. The basic email text message can now easily come as an attractive multi-media (read on...)

Is Your Brand Worth Professional Treatment?

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You may not remember the 1950s but the so-called “Golden Age” of television was in general pretty bad. Yes, there were some great, groundbreaking programs but there was also a lot of crap, especially the commercials that for the most part were emotionally and psychologically clumsy (read on...)