Where Did My Traffic Go?

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So how do you get your traffic back? Starting off I want to jump into some techniques you really need to be using and not try to ‘fix’ anything. Every time Google makes an update we all have to ‘fix’ something and the fact is, I don’t want to. I just want a (read on...)

How To Use A Premium Directory

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In order to attract web traffic, you can use a variety of services and optimizations to improve your search ranking, and get more hits. The most popular methods nowadays are SEO and directory listings. There are lots of web directories that can help you attract more traffic by linking to your (read on...)

Getting Started With Link Building

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What is link building? When we talk “links” in the context of the Internet we are talking about a Hyperlink. A Hyperlink points to a whole webpage or to a specific section within a webpage. To use a horribly 90s term someone following hyperlinks is said to “surf the web”. (read on...)

Why Backlinks Help Your Online Biz

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If you want your website to get found online by your desired audience, it’s smart to implement a good backlinking strategy. Of course your on page strategy is important first and foremost but things you do off site could also benefit you from a traffic and a reputation building (read on...)

SERP: How to Build Links and Rank Higher in Search Engine Result Pages

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With the latest update in Google Panda, most webmasters have been struggling to regain their position in search engine result pages. Some of the keywords or key phrases where they rank higher were dropped. But this is not to penalized them as if they did something wrong. Instead, this is the (read on...)

Link Building – The Key to Search Engine Traffic

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The holy grail of most online marketers is free search engine traffic for targeted keywords. But, just how do you go about getting that wonderful, life changing free traffic? With back links, of course. More specifically, with keyword focused anchor text back links. In this article we’ll (read on...)

Tricks To Link Building To Help Your Website Get Ranked Quickly

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Do you struggle to get your website ranked for a specific keyword? Are you getting tired of doing everything you can just to see that what you are doing is not working anymore and you are no closer to the top than before? The hardest part about getting organic traffic is not getting on the search (read on...)

Tricks To Dominate Google’s Search Engine

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How would you like to know the tricks that many gurus won’t tell you about how they dominate Google? Did you know that in order to dominate Google the one thing you have to know about is SEO (search engine optimization)? Something that you must understand is that in order to get to the top (read on...)

How Important Are Anchor Text Links?

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Some webmasters optimize certain pages for different keywords, and once they’re done, they think that that’s all they can do to increase their rankings for those keywords. This is certainly not the case, as anchor text links are even more important than the page itself according to (read on...)

4 Areas You Must Focus On to Start Hitting Google’s First Page

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With search engine optimisation the aim is always to hit the first page of Google, and preferably the top spot. The amount of targeted traffic you can receive from such an achievement can do wonders for your sales and will be worth any time, effort and expense that you put into the process. But (read on...)