Post Penguin And Panda Link Building Strategies In 2012

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Google’s “Penguin” Vs. “Panda” Update Many of you are well aware that with the recent updates to Google’s algorithm coming in the form of the “Panda” and “Penguin” updates have changed the SEO game, and made it necessary to completely (read on...)

Building Links Vs Creating Content: Which Is More Effective, and Which Would You Rather Do?

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Link building used to be – and still is – one of the most powerful SEO tactics used to build page rank. That being said, it’s also a HUGE chore if done right. More and more, great content is taking over the web, and Google is favoring content that offers a great user experience (read on...)

Top 5 Ways to Build Links

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So you want a website to market your home based business, do you? These days it is not as simple as deciding you want a website. There’s competition out there, and plenty of it, and if you are going to make it in the virtual world it is essential that you do a number of things to get to the (read on...)

Advance SEO Tips – Focus On the Quality of Your Site

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During the early years of search engine optimization, professionals are only focused on building links pointing to their site. Though the quality of your website already plays a great role in increasing your site’s rankings, some webmasters in the past had been more focused on building (read on...)

How Do Websites Get on Page One of Google?

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If you have one, two, or several websites and none of them are on the first page of Google, you might need to take a few minutes and figure out what you are doing wrong, and what others are doing right. When it comes to building website traffic and appearing on Google’s first search page, (read on...)

How To Use A Premium Directory

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In order to attract web traffic, you can use a variety of services and optimizations to improve your search ranking, and get more hits. The most popular methods nowadays are SEO and directory listings. There are lots of web directories that can help you attract more traffic by linking to your (read on...)

Getting Started With Link Building

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What is link building? When we talk “links” in the context of the Internet we are talking about a Hyperlink. A Hyperlink points to a whole webpage or to a specific section within a webpage. To use a horribly 90s term someone following hyperlinks is said to “surf the web”. (read on...)

Link Building Strategies: Which One Is Best?

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Link building is one of the most important parts of an SEO project. There are many methods you can do in building links; however not all methods are safe and effective. If you choose the wrong strategy, you may end up losing your money on nothing. Here are some popular link building strategies (read on...)

How Soon Should You Start to Use Link Building Strategies

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When you are trying to promote a website to obtain higher search engine rankings or higher volumes of traffic, using tried and tested link building strategies is right up there. However, there are certain things a web master really needs to put into place first before putting any link building (read on...)

The Art Of SEO Explained In 5 Paragraphs

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By no means is SEO an easy skill to learn. Sure, you can take a course, and learn how to build links in a mere matter of hours, however the real key to learning SEO comes from implementing it in your day to day business. What exactly do I mean when I say this? I mean that by building links, (read on...)