Google+ Local and Zagat

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Google decided to get rid of Google Places and integrate business listings with their rapidly growing social media network, Google+. So Google Places is now referred to as Google+ Local. In essence, it’s basically the same as Google Places, but with a friendlier user interface and a few (read on...)

Maximize Local SEO With the New Google+ Local Tab

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This is a a good idea by Google and will hopefully improve Google+ as it has been criticized in the past. The new tab looks great and businesses have already started listing their pages on their so I would get cracking if I was you. I have submitted our Social Media Expose page to be placed as a (read on...)

4 Apps Your Facebook Page Can’t Live Without

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With thousands of apps available for your business page, it’s hard to figure out which ones will actually make your life a little easier. We’ve cut through the clutter and come up with the 4 apps you can’t (or shouldn’t) live without. RSS Graffiti With over 1,400,000 (read on...)

Some Efficient Tactics for Facebook Advertising

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Social media has grown in popularity tremendously, that is not being involved in this socializing activity means that you are not up with the times, so it is high time to be critically involved. It is observed by many marketers that people spend more time on Facebook than they do with the search (read on...)