The Benefits of Cloud Computing and the Features

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Though the term is somewhat new, the idea, the theory, and the practice of cloud computing is nothing new. What it means, in short, is the availability of information, pictures, documents, web servers, and just about anything else you can think of to be accessed from just about any computer with (read on...)

Cloud Jobs – Not Just IT Jobs

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While recession is still striking every economy hard, a lot of people will try to embellish the situation, grabbing every possible opportunity to talk about and emphasize job creation. Fortunately for you, I am not a politician or economist trying to get your ballot. However, this isn’t (read on...)

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint With the Cloud

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One of the less-touted benefits of working with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) is how much “greener” the cloud is versus the traditional in-house data centers. Drastic reduction in energy expenditure translates into bottom-line savings as well as a substantial reduction in carbon (read on...)

How Will FedRAMP Affect Smaller to Mid-Sized Cloud Solutions Providers?

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With government agencies as critical to national security as the Department of Defense migrating to the private sector for cloud computing solutions, what will this mean for larger cloud service providers (CSPs) that might not be able to comply as quickly as smaller, niche-driven cloud hosting (read on...)

Realising the Advantages Of A Cloud Server

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Every business organisation works in the direction of increasing their customer base with the changes years. Similar is the case with the provider of hosting services. With the increasing number of individuals wanting to make their presence felt over the web, the need for reliable and affordable (read on...)