How to Know If Your Landing Page Is Effective

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We’ve been talking a lot lately about how to build an effective landing page: Clear headline, strong call-to-action, consistency with your ad copy, simple, concise writing. But the question remains: How do you know if you have on that is effective? I’m sure the first answer that pops (read on...)

7 Secrets to Implementing a Winning Email Marketing Strategy

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Email marketing remains one of the best ways to grab your customers’ attention and send targeted traffic to your website. But are your strategies working? If your open rate is slipping and your conversion rate isn’t as good as you’d like, read on to discover seven ways to (read on...)

Increase Your Email Response And Conversion Rate By Using The Power Of Gratitude

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The two magic words “thank you” can literally transform the success of your email marketing efforts, and this article will show you how you can use the power of gratitude to make the emails that you send out to your list more effective and profitable. Ever since 2003 there have been (read on...)

Why Should Conversion Rate Optimization Be Part Of Any SEO Campaign?

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If you are an online marketer, then any Search Engine Optimization campaign you have should lead to more sales; that is after all your ultimate and probably most important goal. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is rapidly becoming as big as SEO in terms of online marketing strategies and should (read on...)

Improve Website Usability With Reduced Paginated Content

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Web usability exists to help ensure that websites can create straightforward and user-friendly designs. Creating happy end users that will result in increased conversions and retention of users. Web usability is believed to increase the overall return on investment (ROI) whilst increasing (read on...)

Google Analytics – The Importance of Conversion and Bounce Rates

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Internet is the best venue for marketing your page. However, there is a difficulty in gaining knowledge regarding this aspect. Just in case you are planning to determine the effectiveness of your website, you should use Google Analytics. When we say Google Analytics, this is the study regarding (read on...)

Pay Per Click Advertising – Bidding Management

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Bidding management is absolutely necessary in any pay per click advertising campaign. The price you bid on keywords will determine the position you will get on the result pages of the search engines, and also it will determine the amount of clicks you get and the quality of those clicks. Bidding (read on...)

PPC Advertising Is The Easy Way Out In Online Marketing

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Pay per click advertising is used by virtually every online business these days, but rather than flooding the market with these conveniently placed ads, it seems as though the practice is constantly increasing in effectiveness. Quite simply for any business that is unsure of how to get involved (read on...)

What’s the Real Purpose of Email Marketing?

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On the surface you would think that the real purpose of email marketing is to generate traffic. Seems pretty logical to think that way, huh? I want to shift your thinking a bit. I worked at Dell for many years and we were all trained to think out of the box. So here we go with a little OOTB (read on...)

Increasing Your Website’s Conversion Rates

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If you operate a website or blog where you want people to be decisive, then chances are you’re on the lookout for a greater way to get a better conversion rate for whatever action you wish for your target audience to take. In order to boost your conversions, there are a number of things (read on...)