Why Should You Use Colocation Hosting Services?

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How does a company measure its ability in the information technology market? No, it is not about the size of the markets they serve. It is also not about the size of your buildings or the people you can hire. It is all about data, and how you can process this data. It is all about the market (read on...)

VPS Hosting – An Affordable Server Solution

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Many Webmasters have great difficulty when selecting the perfect web hosting provider. There are thousands of providers and resellers available, but making the right decision demands more research than ever before. For any online business, choosing the correct hosting provider can mean the (read on...)

Cloud Hosting and Cloud Servers – It Pays to Have Your Head in the Clouds

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The rise of free applications like Google docs is pushing awareness of the concept forward. Think about it the BBC i player, youtube, face book on the move.. None of this could exist without some form of ” server in the sky”. Many companies are saving money and improving output by (read on...)

The Benefits of Using Colo Services

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Colocation hosting, also known as colo is as form of web hosting that offers companies space in which to house their servers or other computer equipment. Typically these servers are housed within a data centre or colocation centre, a place where rack space is rented out but customers retain (read on...)

Using Your Hosting Facilities to Offer Services to Others

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Businesses who run their own web hosting should consider using their hosting facilities to host the website of others. They can do this either by becoming a full blown host, with their own hosting staff and department, or simply offering colocation services. If you have a facility already being (read on...)

Choosing a Colocation Provider

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When choosing a Colocation provider there are many things to consider. Your choice will be depends on your specific requirement and the budget you have available. One of the most important things to investigate is the provider’s track records, as this will give you an idea of the service (read on...)

Why Colocation is Cheaper

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There are several advantages to Colocation hosting. Amongst these is the price; it can be cheaper than some of the other hosting options. Although not cheaper than basic hosting, for those who have complex requirements it does offer cost savings. With Colocation the same network is used for many (read on...)

Are Managed Hosting and Dedicated Hosting the Same?

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Both a managed hosting service and dedicated service mean running a server that is not shared with anyone else.  Beyond that, the services you get will depend largely on the provider since there is no industry standards set for servers.  What this means is that fully managed to one provider may (read on...)

Top 3 Benefits of Managed Hosting

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As technology becomes more complex and businesses look for ways to streamline processes and improve productivity, managed hosting is rapidly becoming a valuable resource for many companies. Find out what it is and how your organization can benefit from it. What is Managed Hosting? Simply put, (read on...)

Dedicated Hosting For Beginners

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Dedicated hosting is different from shared hosting in that it resides on a server by itself. Shared hosting means that several websites are sharing the same server, but when there is a problem with that single server, all of the websites residing on that server will fall victim to that problem. (read on...)