Basic Principles of Link Building

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Link building is the most significant way to improve search engine rankings for a given web page. When web pages make a sudden rise from obscurity to prominence, link building is almost certainly the cause, although perhaps not of the kind that a respectable business should engage in. Web search (read on...)

How a Digital Agency Can Put Your Website in the Spotlight

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Despite the poor economic climate the internet remains a real growth area, with countless people turning to the web to start up their own online business. So, you are online, you have a website and a Facebook Page and you are all set for business. But what happens when the visitors don’t (read on...)

Marketing Options for Digital Agency

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A digital agency are website service providers that seek to develop and market internet based products for a given website. These agencies develop a marketing campaign to promote and sell services and products of a given client. A digital agency may use various marketing tactics including SEO, (read on...)

Important Aspects of Successful Search Engine Marketing

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Search engine marketing is a very competitive service as there are millions of websites on the net each seeking high ranking for limited keywords. Therefore, when seeking successful SEO, you need to partner with a digital agency that can deliver these expected results. There are various important (read on...)

Get a Digital Agency to Do Your SEO

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Anyone thinking about SEO needs to employ the right services to make sure they do it correctly. One slip with SEO and it could jeopardise your existing web rankings as well as many other things. That’s why a digital agency is so in demand and vitally important when considering SEO – (read on...)

What’s the Point of a Digital Agency?

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A lot has changed over the past ten or twenty years. Twenty years ago average Joe probably hadn’t even heard of the internet and only in the past decade has online shopping really revolutionised our lives. Now it’s 2010 and even your mum has Facebook. No wonder then that advertising (read on...)

The Don’ts and Don’ts of Working With a Digital Agency For SEO

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If you’re a brand marketer who has enlisted the help of a digital agency to optimise your website for search engines then it is important to recognise their expertise and experience. Whether you are paying for a one off site review and revamp for SEO, or paying for ongoing web marketing (read on...)

Why You Need a Full Service Digital Agency

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Any company that understands the importance of their web presence as a part of their ongoing strategy to increase sales and raise brand awareness will be very aware that achieving a high ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages) is the first step to increasing traffic, and therefore sales or (read on...)

Google AdWords Strategies

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A we all know that SEM is one of the insoluble part of interactive advertising. We all know this mammoth of online world, there are still many unaware individuals who are ignorant of making use of the AdWords the right and as a result, end up spending money on unnecessary campaigns. The issue (read on...)

How to Track Your Google AdWords Conversion

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A simple process to do is to analyze the hits on your landing page to trace the number of sales. However, Google offers you several useful tools that help you track your AdWords conversions even more efficiently. Below are some of the tips to acquire the conversion data. Conversion of data is (read on...)