How Important Is It For a Customer Website To Be Registered In DMOZ?

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An important part of a SEO strategy is to get the client’s site registered in DMOZ. But it is not easy to explain to your clients why it is really important to get registered on DMOZ and how it can help a SEO campaign. Certain misunderstandings are going around the Internet with regards to (read on...)

How to Submit to the Open Directory Project – DMOZ

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Submitting your website to the Open Directory Project (also known as DMOZ) is an important step in search engine optimization (also known as SEO). The Open Directory Project, which is, is run entirely by volunteers. Your website submission will be hand-reviewed by one of the volunteers (read on...)

Is There Still Good Directories to Be Listed In?

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Wow…oh 2003 how we miss your optimization.  There was a different world back then where directories were the coolest thing since…Limp Bizkit?  Anyhow it is 2010 and directories have taken a big step to the back in terms of optimization.  Honestly with all the facets of optimization (read on...)

Link Directory Basics and the Top Five Picks

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A link directory is one of the oldest ways of organizing information on the internet. Link directories use a subject ‘tree’ in order to create a hierarchical arrangement of different categories, subcategories, and websites. Quality backlinks are generated when you have your website (read on...)

Something About DMOZ (Open Source Directory Project)

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Few weeks back, I came to read many articles and comments about DMOZ and its reputation in current search engine results. The comments and articles were shocking as all of them were reflecting same image about DMOZ; that now, it is a “waste of time”. Due to a lengthy submission (read on...)

How to Make a Title Tag that Search Engines Will Love

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Making the following changes to your title tag can help improve ranking and increase targeted traffic to your website: Include keyword phrases in your title tag: Think of a title tag as the name above a shop. Imagine you are walking down a busy street with shops on either side of you. However (read on...)

Directories and Their Importance for Search Engine Rankings

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About directories: A directory is simply a web site that contains a categorized listing of links from around the web. They aid surfers to locate the ‘best’ and most informative links for a particular category. For example a category may be called ‘Home and Garden’ and in (read on...)

SEO Deadly Sins – Mistakes That Hurt Web Page Ranking

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The following are a list of mistakes can ensure that your site maintains a low ranking with the search engines. Avoid at all costs. * Specifying no title for your page * I cannot stress how important the title of a web page is. Failing to specify a descriptive, keyword optimized title will do (read on...)

5 Simple Steps to Great Search Engine Rankings

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Having your website rank well in the major search engines is crucial to a successful Internet business. However, the information on doing so, which abounds on the Internet, can be perceived as complex and contradictive. Many website owners end up overwhelmed by all the data and simply quit and (read on...)

DMOZ: Rotten To The Core

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I knew things were bad at DMOZ. But I guess I didn’t realize how bad, until I started eavesdropping on a few forums, and reading the avalanche of e-mails I received on the subject. When it takes up to two years to get a web site listed, there’s a serious problem. When perfectly (read on...)

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