What to Do when My Canon Printer Doesn’t Print A PDF File?

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We use printers so that we can print all sorts of soft copies, whether it is a word document, an image from internet, email or any PDF file. But this is not the case every time. Many times our printer doesn’t support some particular type of document such as PDF. This is the similar case (read on...)

ASUS Motherboard Chipset Drivers – Make Sure Your PC doesn’t Miss

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The chipset inside your ASUS motherboard is one of the most important components that manages the communication taking place between the memory, local BUS and CPU of your computer and even a minor issue with it can spoil the entire working of the motherboard or the PCB (Primary Circuit Board) of (read on...)

Get a PC that doesn’t look like it came off a PC Hypermart Shelf

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When someone says ‘mods’ or ‘modeling’ to you, you probably think one of two things: A neon-lit, willy-waving offence to all that’s good and virtuous, or an amateur craftsman possessing a skill with a… When someone says ‘mods’ or (read on...)

Microsoft Dynamics GP integration with MS CRM, where eConnect doesn’t work

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Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft CRM both use MS SQL Server 2005 or 2000 databases, GP has eConnect tool, which covers MBS owned GP modules: GL, SOP, POP, PM, RM, Payroll So, if you plan “standard” integration, our suggestion is to deploy eConnect.  If you use third party GP (read on...)