Buying and Selling Domain Names – The Basics of Domain Flipping

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Domain names business or “domaining” as it’s know these days have become a source of making a full-time income online and can be very profitable if a person knows the basics of flipping them for a handsome profit margin. In this article, you will learn the basics buying and (read on...)

How to Do Cost and Benefit Analysis of Domain Investments

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Are you planning to venture into domain investments? Have you been confused as to what cost is involved in keeping your domain name business intact? Here are my few tips that will assist you to make profits when buying and selling domain names. Domain Name Registration Cost For one year rental (read on...)

"Domain Name," An Easy and Quick Money Making Opportunity – Now Unveiled!

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The secrets of domain name business have now been unveiled to let people get benefited with the profits one can earn with them. A domain defines a website’s address and only two or more websites can be defined by a single domain name. Examples of a domain name include that (read on...)

Is Domain Squatting a Great Business For You?

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Domain squatting is a very unconventional and yet very successful business if you know how to go for it. You can earn good money by selling domain names that you have kept parked. Domain name squatting has resulted in some big money for the people dealing with it! It is a great business to opt (read on...)

Yes, You Can Make Money With Parked Domain Names – Find Out How

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Online businesses are of various different types. One such online business opportunity is making money using parked domain names. With this form of online business, you can make a considerable amount of money and may not have to look for another job for your living. Domain parking is a very (read on...)

Make Money For Living With Domain Name Sale Business

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If you are aware of the best practices, reselling domain names can earn you a considerable amount of money. There are some factors that you need to consider for this. First of all, you must be able to speculate what names would sell the most and generate most demand. Let us look at all the points (read on...)

5 Effective Tips to Make Smart Business With Domain Names

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Domain names are very vital for defining the online identity of any business. Hence when a business decides on acquiring a domain name, they are very particular about some specific factors. Here are five such factors that make a domain name important for a company. Keep It Short And Easy To (read on...)

How to Flip Domains and Make a Wonderful Home Based Living

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One of the most important factors that help with search engine optimization is the selection of a proper domain name for a business website. Any business is therefore very choosy about the domain names they want for their websites. If you are able to get hold of some great domain names and keep (read on...)

The Domain Name Business – A Quick Guide

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Domains names are more than just a useful address for storing and showing business or personal information on the internet, they can bee the difference between a successful and non successful business. Selecting the right domain name, hosting provider and website design, plus website development (read on...)