Buying a Domain Name For Your Business

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Domain namesWe have all entered the address of a website in the form of, where website can be any name or term. This is what we commonly know as domain name. Computers on the other hand use IP addresses and for them a website looks like, where the “x” is in fact (read on...)

Domain Name: What Is It For?

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Technically a Domain Name is an identifiable location in the web defined by the Domain Name System. There are hierarchies and it is complicated, but the bottom line is do we understand what it is and what it is for? That we are going to find out here. Currently the world-wide use of the internet (read on...)

Domain Name System(DNS) Management Tips

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The internet is full of resources that are stored across servers in various locations and accessible through Domain Names. These Domains are mapped to the location of data storage through the means of IP Addresses and this mapping is accomplished using a system of creating Resource Records called (read on...)

Alternative DNS Roots – What Are They?

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The Domain Name System (DNS) currently used by the majority of Internet users isn’t the only one. Several groups operate alternative DNS roots. So how do they work and why are they in existence? The Domain Name System acts as a huge location service; connecting devices that use the Internet (read on...)

What Is A DNS Server?

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DNS is another one of those annoying acronyms that assaults the non-techie in the middle of an otherwise interesting and understandable article composed of readily recognizable English words and phrases, thereby sending the puzzled reader to the search engines hoping for a quick and simple answer (read on...)

What Is DNS? – DNS Resolution and Caching

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DNS stands for Domain Name System and is the method by which the internet works. It is a method of translating domain names (such as into an IP address and then locating the web server on which that site is hosted and displaying that page to the person requesting the information. This (read on...)

What Is a Domain and Why Should You Get One?

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We are going to explain why it is important to get a domain and more important is to get the right domain name for what your site is going to be about. The Online World known as “the Internet” is just about the busiest place in the world. There are millions of websites for us to surf (read on...)

How Visitors Reach Your Web Site – DNS – The Domain Name System

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As a web site owner, you’ll likely hear the term “DNS” and “name server” from time to time. So what is DNS and how does it work? Every device that connects to the Internet – whether it’s your home computer, a cell phone or a web hosting server, is issued (read on...)

Domain Name and Domain Name System

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If you are starting up a website then there are some basics that you cannot avoid, such as picking up a domain and reaching a domain registrar. Choosing a domain requires a lot of thinking, which is quite natural because you feel a bit confused some times. When you are dealing with finding a top (read on...)

Domain Name Registration – Giving Identification to Your Website

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Introduction: The first question that comes in your mind after you decide to finally launch a website is what would be the name of your website. Just like every human being is addressed by his / her name, websites have names too. And to make that name visible in virtual world, it has to be (read on...)

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