Are We Close to Running Out of Domain Names?

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Verisign recently came out with it’s quarterly report and inside of it had some interesting numbers. Verisign mentions in the report that in the end of the second quarter for 2011 there were more than 196.3 million domain registrations across all top level domains, which is an increase of 3 (read on...)

How Keywords Work With Domain Names

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Choosing and buying your domain. When building a website for your business start by taking care of 3 things before you do anything else: Choose a domain name Decide where you want to have your site hosted Choose what software you will use for the physical pages and posts of your site Before you (read on...)

How International Domains Can Aid Your Business

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.com is the most widely used domain on the Internet, and most websites you browse across will be one of these. However, many people overlook the benefits that can arise from using a country-code top-level domain, and in this article I will outline the benefits and why they are useful as a (read on...)

Get Good Domains Names by Negotiating With the Hardball Tactic

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You want to buy a domain name either to start a site on or to try to flip, either way you need to buy that domain first. A lot of domain owners ask for the world when you want to buy their domain. Sometimes they won’t budge and no matter what advice I could try to give you won’t get a (read on...)

Cool And Tricky Domain Names – Not As Valuable Internet Real Estate These Days

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Five or ten years ago there was a domain name that I really wanted, I probably would’ve paid in excess of 10 to $20,000 for it, today I was e-mailed about that domain, it was for sale for the low price of $299. I had noticed that it had come due previously, but chose not to buy it because I (read on...)

The Fundamentals of Web Hosting Services

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There is hardly any business that does not have a presence on the internet these days. When you have an identity on the internet, you get global exposure and the world is your marketplace. In order to have internet presence, you need to get yourself a website that will reflect you and your (read on...)

Developing A Website In Three Easy Steps

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Thinking of developing a website and not sure where to start from, then you have surely landed at the right place. Here is a step by step guide on How to Build a Website from scratch. Step 1: Buy or register a domain name Domain Names are nothing but addresses of different websites. There are a (read on...)

Using Keywords In Domain Names – How To Dominate Search Engine Results Pages

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Using keywords in domain names is one of the simplest ways to generate traffic to your website. Doing some preliminary research on popular keywords in your niche will maximise your website’s presence on search engine results pages. And let’s be honest… this is what every website (read on...)

The Stages Of Domain Backordering

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Domain names are hot properties on the internet. It is a business on its own as webmasters capitalize on good domain names and trade them with cold hard cash. A domain can expire if the owner does not renew it once the term is up. This is where domain backordering comes in play. Domain (read on...)

Cheap Hosting, Is It Worth It?

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Things to look out for when looking for an affordable web host! One of the most common mistakes made by people who are new to making a presence online often get fooled into buying the cheapest hosting package they can find. The problem isn’t with shared hosting, but rather with the fact (read on...)