Why SEO and Conversion Go Hand in Hand

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SEO and conversion go hand in hand. The truth about this situation is that no SEO campaign can succeed without analytics. The analytics help a professional search engine optimizer to figure out if what they are doing is effective. There is no possibility of succeeding in search engine (read on...)

Have Banner Ads Had Their Day Or Are They Still Good Traffic Drivers?

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Advertising through banner ads used to be the hot new thing. Many people think it had gone away, but it is still one of the most potent methods of driving traffic on the internet. Banner ads are featured on many websites for one simple reason. People respond to them! Again, many people think that (read on...)

Keywords: Your Secret Weapon to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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In today’s digital world there is so much content on the internet driving web traffic in many directions. Everybody (and I do mean everybody) from TV shows, the local and national news programs, big brands like Pepsi and Nike, athletes: football, baseball, tennis players and radio (read on...)

6 Easy Steps To Drive Traffic Using YouTube

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I’m sure you have heard of YouTube. It’s the second largest search engine after Google. Video marketing is one of the biggest marketing tools right now which is evident from the one million viewers YouTube gets each day. But how can YouTube drive traffic to your site? It’s very (read on...)

Key Pointers for Search Engines on Getting Indexed

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You have spent a lot of money and effort on your website and its time that you cross your hands waiting for the results. You may have created a site that’s truly impressive with all the themes that you have always yearned for. You have also done your submission to the search engines. But (read on...)

The Hippest SEM Technique for Driving Traffic to Your Site

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If you have been visiting YouTube lately, you would be aware that Internet marketers and search engine marketing experts have been tapping YouTube to generate traffic to their own websites. That is because YouTube gets millions upon millions of hits every single day, and that kind of traffic (read on...)

How to Add Banners to a WordPress Website

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Being able to monitze your website is the ultimate goal for your website. Making Money! My first advice is to be careful with making it all about making money. If you are building a blog it is important to remember that its about the content, not about the ads. I would highly recommend that you (read on...)

Choosing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) For Better Traffic to Your Website

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Search Engine Marketing or SEM is only a part of online marketing and its most special concern is getting your website top ranking in the Google search page results or other similar search engines commonly used. Compared to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, SEM not only limits itself to (read on...)

Picking the Best Keywords For Driving Traffic to Your Site

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Ok you’ve got the best article/video/podcast etc ever seen in your niche so money’s just going to come pouring in, right? Wrong! What good is having great content if that great content isn’t found? Let me drive this point home a little. Google your niche. Go to between page ten (read on...)

How to Put Affiliate Links on YouTube Videos and Display Them on Your Site

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Submitting your videos in YouTube is the most popular way of driving traffic to your site. But Do you know that you can put affiliate links to your videos? Here is how you can do it. 1. linkedtube.com: This a service that allows you to place a button on the top of the youtube video. You can (read on...)