Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Windows

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Duplicate files waste precious space on your computer’s hard drive — especially if you have an SSD — and make your computer’s backups bigger for no good reason. Every program we recommend here comes with a clean installer and the biggest problem when searching for a (read on...)

Delete Duplicate Files to Free Up Disk Space

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Did you know that there might be hundreds of duplicate files on your computer? Learn how to delete duplicate files and free up valuable disk space. There comes a time when your hard drive becomes so packed with files, that there is hardly any space left – you can’t even (read on...)

Duplicate Content Myth

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There are many articles and blogs about the content theft and duplicate content problem and large number of SEO guys especially amateurs search for them as it is an important issue to be dealt with. Content related issues are quite important and become more significant when they are being (read on...)