Tame the Email Monster

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Remember the first time you sent an email? It was fun, new, exciting. “I’ll EMAIL you,” we said to one another, wanting to be efficient and up to the moment. We understood technology. We got it. We had email. Fast forward and you find a completely different picture. Today many (read on...)

Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing

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It’s a well-known fact that linking your email and social media initiatives together can boost your marketing return on investment. Recent studies in the United States have shown that 17% of Facebook users are more likely to buy from you after ‘liking’ your page, avid social (read on...)

Building Trust and Relationship – Your Key to Successful Follow Up

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In the internet marketing world, money does not come from selling your affiliate products. Rather, money comes from selling your trust and building a lasting relationship with your subscribers. Almost every day we watch news about people being cheated by unscrupulous scammers all over the world, (read on...)

How to Get Started With Writing Follow Up Emails

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Follow up emails are important to keep in touch with your subscribers, promote products to them and ultimately generate sales. You may already know that you must have a variety of emails to keep your subscribers interested. The three basic types of follow up email are email that educates only, (read on...)

Cutting to the Chase

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I’ve always found that people love it when I cut to the chase and I must confess, I love it when other people do as well. What am I talking about? I’m talking about getting your point across quickly and succinctly so that people immediately know what you want and whether or not they (read on...)

Email Marketing Etiquette – Why You Should Never Use an Anonymous Email Address in Your Reply-To

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Emails have become an important and convenient new way of communication since the 1990s. A message can be sent instantaneously to someone living thousands of miles away, but without having to worry about the sometimes prohibitive cost of a phone call. The positive aspects of email as a form of (read on...)

Are Your Emails Worth Reading?

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There is a kid’s television show called Blues Clues. It’s about a guy and his pet dog “Blue” that have adventures where they use “clues” to figure out what the dog wants. It’s quite cute. Ever seen it? In each episode there is a point at which the main (read on...)

Email Marketing Is King! Email Marketing Is, and Probably Always Will Be The King of Online Sales

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This comes as a surprise to many people. Now more than ever, with all the rage behind Twitter, Facebook and every other form of social media (and don’t get me wrong, from a marketing perspective those are all great). That being said, our clients and students are still making the most money (read on...)

How To Avoid Having Your Emails Treated Like Spam

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Have you ever tried an email campaign? Pretty frustrating, isn’t it? You pay for the list of potential customers, and you send out your message, and you don’t hear much back. Do you know the reason for that? If you don’t, we’ll explain it here: it’s so inexpensive to (read on...)

What If Email Didn’t Exist?

五月 9, 2012 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Email 

Everybody hates email, right? Aren’t you swamped? Don’t you feel overwhelmed knowing you’ll never be able to clear out your inbox? Complaining about email has become everyone’s favorite pastime – sure to find a sympathetic audience just about anywhere. Wasn’t (read on...)

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