The Importance of Email Marketing Lists in Internet Marketing

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When it comes to making money online, one method that has been effectively successful for a long time happens to be email marketing. However, in order to be able to run this business effectively, internet marketers must be knowledgeable about certain things. When it comes to the creation of a (read on...)

Coaching Business: Why Expanding Your Email Marketing List Is Important

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Here’s the truth about internet marketing; the money is in the list. Unless you get hundreds and thousands of people to subscribe, there’s no way that you’re going to make decent sales. You see, it takes an average of 5 follow-ups before you can get people to buy from you and (read on...)

How To Really Use Email In Internet Marketing And Get Customers To Buy

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At a recent conference in the Retail Industry many of the big “name” retailers agreed on a very interesting statistic. Email marketing is up to 25 times more effective than social media marketing. Yet it is often social media marketing that steals all the headlines. In our view, the (read on...)

4 Solid Reasons Why Email Marketing Is King!

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Email marketing is a great way to do marketing for your products or services, and if done correctly it can provide you with a forever flowing stream of good income. Despite all the great advantages of it being so powerful, some marketers are still not utilizing it, I assume that this is due to a (read on...)

4 Deadly Sins: Why Email Marketing Campaigns Fail!

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There is always a lot of talk amongst marketing circles especially online, about which one form of marketing is better or more effective then the other. Email Marketing is often and always in the mix and because some people have failed at it, they will bash it. Truth is email marketing is (read on...)

Email Marketing List Growth Tips

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Building an email marketing list can be a slow and sometimes frustrating process but you have to go about it the right way. When building your list it is important to make sure that every new subscriber has given their permission to be on it. They should have voluntarily signed up to your list (read on...)

How to Build Relationships With Your Prospects Through Your Email Marketing Campaign

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Aright, here’s the thing. Business owners are looking for ways to boost their sales and online revenue. But the problem is… there are so many competitors online today. If you ever hope to make it big online, there are other things you must do first. You cannot achieve success by (read on...)

How To Kill Your Email Marketing List Fast

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In this article, I’m going to tell you how you can kill your email list fast. Let’s first start off as to why people join a list in the first place. Usually they join your list because something caught their attention relating to their problems, their needs or their pains. I mean, if (read on...)

Acquiring Email Marketing Lists – Pros And Cons

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Seeing that you’ve proceeded to embark on an email campaign, the second task would be to set up an email marketing list, but where do you really get it from? Many people succumb to the pitfall of ‘buying’ email marketing lists. Don’t make the same blunder. You’ve (read on...)

Landing Pages: Get People To Opt-In and Build Your Email List

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A landing page is where you direct people and its whole purpose is to get the visitor to fill out the form and click “send.” This event is not as easy as it sounds; however, it is one of the best ways to build your email marketing list. Getting people to give you their contact (read on...)