3 Ways to Optimize Email for Touch Screens

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Many smartphones have touch screens that allow people to click through, scroll and perform other actions using their finger tips. And while this has made smartphone use more convenient, email marketers have to be aware of these new features to make email content more interactive and useful for (read on...)

What Images Should a Marketer Use for a Father’s Day Email Template?

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Just like Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and all other holidays that come before it, Father’s Day is a great opportunity for the savvy marketer. As with any holiday, creating a matching theme is an excellent idea, and templates are some of the best tools for the job. Following (read on...)

Top 5 Tips for a Better HTML Email Design

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Designing HTML email is one of the key steps in email marketing. A good looking HTML email will bring you a higher open rate than a plain text message. But when a HTML email comes in a distorted format which makes it unpleasant or even unreadable, you can’t expect a high response from your (read on...)

Email Template Design Compatibility and How Should We Deal About It

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An email template design can do wonders for the emails you send. Some people say it could bring color to its dull life, while others say that it could make your letters more attractive. But even if this is the case if it isn’t compatible to the browser or email client your reader is using, (read on...)

Give Your Email Readers a Treat

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Are you tired of seeing and using the default email template design for your newsletters? If you are, you might want to hire someone from a web development company to make a more interesting email template design you could use whenever you send you’re letters or messages to your faithful (read on...)

Things to Note When Making an Email Template Design

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Making your own email template design can be a fun activity. It’s the best way to step forward and test your skills and knowledge in basic programming. However, some hiccups you might experience along the way might spoil the whole experience. That’s the reason why I’ll be (read on...)

Pondering on Who to Design Your Email Templates

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Well if you think that your emails look boring and dull, don’t worry. You could always count on a web programmer to help you build an email template design. Rely on them for programming but I doubt if you could put much trust on their artistry. I have a lot of friends who does programming (read on...)

Email Template – Ways to Write a Newsletter Template

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A newsletter is a fun and creative way to advertise new products and services, provide information about upcoming events, job openings, informing the employees about the new company policies or just keep in touch with your friends and family members. Newsletters can be distributed either in the (read on...)

Email Template – Procedure To Create An Email Flyer

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Email marketing is a very strong advertising tool and creating an email flyer is a fun activity. Email marketing is a tool which can create a huge impact on the audience and increase the sales to a great extent. And the most important benefit and advantage of email marketing is the cost and (read on...)

Having Fancy Emails With Custom Email Templates

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Are you fed up with using the same template for your emails? If you are then you might want to have an email template design. What are these templates we’re talking about? In this article we’ll try to cover the basics in these e-mail templates. Email templates are basically like the (read on...)