3 Insider’s Tips to Get Your Facebook Ad Approved

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When you’ve spent a good deal of time preparing your ad and setting up your landing page, it’s very disheartening to then have your ad disapproved. What’s even more frustrating is having no clue of why it’s not being approved. So I’m going to let you in on a few (read on...)

Testing Your Facebook Ad: What to Look For

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This month we’re going to be covering the basics of tracking and testing your Facebook ad campaigns. You may be pleased with the results of your campaigns, but if you haven’t actually tested them, how do you know they’re performing as well as they could be? I highly recommend (read on...)

13 Attention-Grabbing Headlines

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Your Facebook PPC headline is perhaps THE most important element of your ad, next to the image. Your goal in writing your headline is threefold: 1. To grab people’s attention initially (if the image doesn’t) 2. To generate enough curiosity that they are enticed to read your ad copy, (read on...)

8 Powerful Headline Types for Your Facebook Ad

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Facebook ad headlines: So little, and yet so powerful. While your image will be the most significant factor in the click through rate of your ad, your headline still contributes around 15% to its success. First things first: You need to know how many characters you have for your headline. The (read on...)

How to Pre-Test Your PPC Headlines Without Spending a Dime

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In some ways, a headline is a headline. Whether it’s an email subject, a Tweet, or a Facebook ad headline, the same principles apply. The purpose of the headline is not to sell, but to connect. The temptation is to jam as much content into the headline, especially if we’re talking (read on...)

How to Know If Your Landing Page Is Effective

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We’ve been talking a lot lately about how to build an effective landing page: Clear headline, strong call-to-action, consistency with your ad copy, simple, concise writing. But the question remains: How do you know if you have on that is effective? I’m sure the first answer that pops (read on...)

10 Tips for Kick-Ass Landing Page Copy

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There’s more to a great landing page than just the copy. But without solid, clear, focused writing, you might as well send people to your homepage.Here are 10 tips for writing copy that closes the sale! 1. Speak to your potential buyer’s deepest wish, dream, need, or desire. Immerse (read on...)

Facebook Targeting by Relationship Status and Workplace

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Well, we’ve already covered many of the targeting options available to advertisers through Facebook. As we near the end of this series, today we’re going to cover targeting by relationship status and by workplace. (Not because they’re related in any way, but because neither (read on...)

New Facebook Ad Offerings Set to Make a Big Splash!

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A Facebook leak has been circulating this week in anticipation for a large announcement coming up February 29. We will save the review and analysis for the official announcement, but I wanted to quickly let you know what we’re hearing, and what it could mean for you. In short, don’t (read on...)

How to Create An Online Sales Funnel

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It feels really good to be getting more fans on your Facebook page, to be growing your email list, and to be driving tons of traffic to your site. Whether you’re doing this through organic means or through paid advertising, it’s a good boost to the ego to be able to watch your (read on...)