Video Marketing Domination And Expertise In Your Niche

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There is no better media now than video marketing online. Use the power of video to dominate your market and become an expert in your niche. You have most likely noticed already how video is slowly killing text based media for some time. And with the advances in technology now, the creation of (read on...)

2 Ideas to Build Your Opt-In List Through a Lead Magnet

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The meaning of lead magnet here is the content that you are going to provide your subscribers for free through which they would be willing to give out their names and email addresses in exchange for it. In providing the content, you should make sure that it is something valuable and of high (read on...)

What Does Google Page Rank Have to Do With My Chosen Keywords?

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Google Page Rank or PR is a form of ranking provided by Google. These rankings are given to all pages of every website that is indexed in Google’s own indexing system. An index is a database, or if you prefer – a catalogue of websites on the internet. Google assigns individual pages (read on...)

Email List Building Ideas

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Building a mailing list these days is not as easy as it once was. There was a time when you could simply dangle a free report or e-book behind an opt in form and get people to subscribe. Nowadays you need to offer real value to your list and continue to give them free stuff. I use a ratio of at (read on...)

How to Master the Fundamentals of Your SEO Campaign

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No matter what type of internet marketer you are, a thorough and detailed SEO plan is one of the most important steps towards creating the kind of exposure and traffic that you need. Therefore you will have to master to some extend the key fundamentals that determine the success or failure of (read on...)

Email Marketing – Building Rapport Through an ASK Campaign

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If you are serious about email marketing and list building, it would be wise to find out what your market wants. One of the best ways to do this is to set up an ASK campaign, or a survey. Focus on asking and getting answers to 100 questions about whatever your interest is. If you do this, you (read on...)

The Flu and List building Go Hand In Hand!

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What does the flu have to do with building your list? Well a lot! A flu, just like any other virus is able to spread itself to anyone it comes in contact with. And when we are building are email lists, we want this same type of viral effect to take place. This viral effect is known as viral (read on...)