Why SEO Is All About the Right Tools

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SEO is a difficult thing to do. It is especially difficult if the user is trying to do SEO blind. This means that they have no idea if what they are doing is working and if they are even “moving the needle” at all. This is a major problem and why most people give up when doing SEO. (read on...)

4 Best Free Tools to Visualize And Analyze Twitter

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The power of social network analysis cannot be understated. You can observe how far your own personal influence stretches out, you are able to measure the scope of impact of many of the most highly successful people in Hollywood, and you could even determine potential business contacts from your (read on...)

Dominating SEO for Traffic Generation – Part 2 (Link Building)

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Using many tools to build links can include: Content sharing across sites like Scribd, Hubpages, Squidoo lens Blogging using Wordpress.com or Blogger.com sites Social bookmarking Online Video sharing via YouTube Sharing photos and more via sites like Flickr for example Microblogging via social (read on...)

Keyword Selector Tools – Choosing the Best Tool For Your Keyword Research

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So what keyword phrases should you pick for an article that you are writing for your website? Well if you stop to think about it, it really isn’t rocket science. You are looking for words or phrases relevant to your article, which are searched for by a large number of people on a daily (read on...)

Low and No Cost Google Tools to Optimize Your Campaigns and Improve Your Profits

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I’ve been waiting for a long time for a completely useful resource in how to dominate the search engines with the right tools, without paying an arm and a leg for multiple functions or a la carte advertising.  Well, I’ve found that resource and it includes the direction for (read on...)

Overture Keyword Tool

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Still looking for the elusive Overture keyword tool? The keyword tool that is free and give s you the key to the internet riches you have been dreaming of? Sorry pal, but that ain’t gonna happen. Just like the way of solid free tools across the internet, the Overture tool is dead and gone. (read on...)

If You Are Searching For Free Money, You Need to Know SEO

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Many people are constantly looking for free money without actually realising what they need to do to get it. First you need to understand that there is no such thing as free money, there is only money that you will work for, and money that you pay for. The latter being investments and other (read on...)

Google Presented Two Revolutionary Projects

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Internet giant Google announced the development of new product that will take searching in entirely different direction. Google will use so- called semantic web technology with which data gained from the searching will increase. – The race for Internet search is escalating, and that is way (read on...)

What is URL Redirection?

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URL Redirection, also known as URL forwarding, domain redirection and domain forwarding, is a technique for making a webpage available under many URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) on the internet. For example, you have a company named ‘My Company Pvt. Ltd’ abbreviated as (read on...)