Is Your PPC Online Marketing Campaign Congruent? Not a Math Quiz!

June 12, 2009 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: PPC 

Is your ad campaign congruent? Are you frustrated with low sales conversions? Are you getting traffic to your site, but no one is buying your product or service? I was too, until I figured out how to make my marketing efforts CONGRUENT. (And, I call ‘dibs’ on that term.) Congruence is (read on...)

What Questions Should You Ask Yourself When Selecting Your Domain Name for Your Home Business?

February 8, 2009 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: other 

So you want to be an Internet superstar, work from home and earn six figures cool we are working on doing just that. In previous articles we have discussed figuring out what you want to do for your home business another term for this is finding your niche. We then discussed a few different (read on...)

Good Domain Names For an Online Home Based Business – What You Need to Know First!

December 12, 2008 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: other 

How to find and register a good domain name for your online home based business… 3 Extremely important keys! When you have an online business of any sort, domain name registration is one of the most critical aspects to consider. There are 3 key factors that you want to keep in mind when it (read on...)

Make a Living Online Selling Websites and Hosting Accounts

November 27, 2008 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Web Hosting 

There are many websites out there trying to sell you their ebook or program that they claim will make you a millionaire “guaranteed”. Unfortunately I have purchased alot of these ebooks and memberships and I know from experience that the only get rich quick scheme that works is (read on...)

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