How to Find Keywords For Your Site With Google’s Keyword Tool

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Google has many cool little tools and applications that are open-source, free to use. One of these tools is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Which this tool was created to be used for people that are creating advertising campaigns with paid ads, it can be really useful for keyword research. If (read on...)

Keyword Research Tips for SEO and SEM Campaigns

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Proper keyword research is the most vital part of any SEO or SEM campaign. If you don’t choose the right keywords it doesn’t matter if you rank number one in the search engines, because the people who are finding you are most likely not looking for what you are offering. To help you (read on...)

Keyword Research That Ideally Works

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Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization or SEO. But it requires an understanding about the whole concept of using keywords that will help in giving you the benefit of optimizing your site. Find the ideal keywords relevant to your site Keyword research (read on...)

Understanding Keywords and Content to Get Found on Google

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There are a lot of business people who believe that they understand and know what SEO is and how to achieve good Google search engine results. The fact is that there are so many factors that have an influence over how a webpage gets good search result placement and with so many changes to the way (read on...)

Keyword Article Marketing 101

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Getting your blog ranked higher in the search engines takes work… a lot of work… we know the benefits of SEO, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time to focus on both writing the article the way you want and make it SEO friendly. That’s why I wrote this article about (read on...)

Search Engine Optimization Tips: Your Online Business Site

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You want your online site to be noticed as the best information out there for what you offer. And, that means you want optimal results when search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are used to search for your topic. That is what Search Engine Optimization is about. So, the first step in (read on...)

Getting Started With the Google Keyword Tool

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Why should you use a keyword tool? The words you type into your search engine of choice, for example Google, are known as keywords. Some keywords are more popular than others and as a result more people will be searching for them. You need to determine not only which main keyword you want to base (read on...)

Best Keyword Research Tools

November 2, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: SEO 

Keyword research plays a central role in the process of search engine optimization. It is therefore important that it is done effectively to be able to gauge the most recent competition for a given keyword and predict the future trends for a give keyword. Keyword research is like mining gold (read on...)

Keyword Research – How to Do It the Right Way

September 9, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: SEO 

Okay, so you’ve done some research and you’ve made a list of products you think you would like to promote. Now you have to do keyword research. Google provides an excellent free tool for doing this, just punch the words “Google keyword tool” into your browser and (read on...)

How to Optimise Your AdWords Campaigns

September 3, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: PPC 

AdWords campaigns are a fast and easy way to allow you to advertise your business or product. You pay when people click your ad, if no one clicks, you do not pay. However, you of course do want people to click since that is how you make sales. Therefore it is important to figure out how to (read on...)

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