Top 10: So What’s So Great About Google?

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If you’re anything like I am, you have a love/hate relationship with search engines. Though the competition continues to grow, Google (today, at least) is the top search engine on the Web. One of many reasons why… they do so much more than simply helping us to find stuff on the World (read on...)

SEO For Google Maps And Places Now Becoming Google+ Optimization

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Google Maps and Google Places are being phased out. They both exist for the time being as Google features, but, are slated to be absorbed into what is being called “Google Plus Local”. Top ranking in Google’s places and maps was never an easy thing to pull off, however the (read on...)

5 Key Principles for Local SEO Success

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If you’re a smaller business thinking about a new website or revamping an existing one, often your thoughts will turn to reaching the local area. Let’s look at 5 key principles when seeking to target your website for the local area. 1. It’s all about Keywords The real shame is (read on...)

Website Optimization When Google’s Algorithm Changes

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When Google’s Algorithm for search results change, panic sets in among the internet marketers and SEO experts. When sites drop from their first page position, the questions begin. Has back links the same power as before? How can I optimize my page so it returns to the same position ect, (read on...)

How to Get Your Business on the Top of Google

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In this economic climate it is vital that whatever the nature of your business you have a strong presence online. The main reason for this is that Search engines and mainly Google have become the No1 resource to find local products and services. Each month more than 600 million people search (read on...)

5 Tips For Getting More Leads Using Google Places

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1. How to start? You will need to sign up for a Google Account, then search for ‘Google Places’ when you are on the page the sign-up process is fairly simple. One thing that seems to confuse Places, is when you register more than one business at a single address. So unless essential (read on...)

How To Claim Your Business In Google Maps Listing

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Search engine traffic can be very hard to get sometimes, depending on the niche that you are in. This is because the search results are getting more and more saturated. There is, however, an easier way to get traffic. And that is through Google Business Listings. What is Google Business Listings? (read on...)

Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – Your Local Business And The Google Place Page

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There is a terrific marketing strategy that is free! It is called the Google Place Page. It is part of Google Maps and is a free listing for local businesses. It is also a great way to gain local exposure for your mobile notary business. Google is the #1 ranked website in the world. Millions of (read on...)

Google Now Charging for Location Extension Clicks

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AdWords has recently made a strategic change with updates to location extensions. Google recently told advertisers that they will be making a change to “direction” clicks on AdWords campaigns; that is, clicks on location extensions in ads. Change being a polite way of saying that what (read on...)

Google Places – The Benefits of Claiming Your Business Listing

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Getting found online by people who are searching for your services or products in a highly competitive market during an economic recession can sometimes mean the difference between staying in business, or becoming a business insolvency statistic. So, if you intend to stay competitive, advertise (read on...)