Local SEO Tips – How to Optimize Your Google Places Listing

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Google Places is now considered as one of the best tools that local businesses can use in order to get more customers and increase their brand awareness. Aside from the fact that it won’t cost you anything to have your business listed in Google Places, you will also be able to improve your (read on...)

How Businesses Can Boost Their Google Places Ranking

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All local business owners should know what Google Places is because it’s essentially the new method that people use in order to find businesses that they want to buy products or services from. That being said, it’s widely used by businesses and since all similar businesses compete, (read on...)

Attract Geo-Targeted Traffic Using Local SEO

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For any type of business, it is crucial to rank high in search engines to be visible to one’s targeted customer base and to increase the sales and ROI for one’s business. To achieve this goal, business owners work very hard on SEO to outrank their competitors in search engine (read on...)

Local Business Marketing Strategies For Cash Strapped Business Owners

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Faced with many challenges as a local business owner, you are now about to experience the biggest challenge of all, Local Marketing. Twenty years ago the concept was simple, contact the local phone book company and take out a listing within your budget, or maybe not. For those who like risk, an (read on...)