Google Search Engine – Why Some People Love It And Why Other People Hate It

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Google is the largest search engine on the Internet. Almost everyone knows about Google and use it in some way to search for information on the Internet. Internet marketers are particularly interested in Google because this giant search engine commands a large portion of the traffic pie. As you (read on...)

Google Keywords – What You Should Know Before You Invest in a Website

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Google keywords are essential to know about. Even if you are just starting your first website as a way of educating others about your personal stories and thoughts, knowing how to use the right keywords throughout your site will drive visitors into it. Not using keywords could end up costing you (read on...)

How To Do Search Engine Optimization For High Google Rankings

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We all know traffic is king and getting to the number one position brings a lot of traffic, and it’s free. So, learning how to do optimization for Google is a very important skill to have to rank high in the Google search engine specifically. You will learn the basics in this article how to (read on...)

Improve Google Search Engine Ranking With Faster Websites And Better Uptime

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Getting to the top of the Google ranks is the only way to survive and thrive in the online world of today. Google is the biggest name in search engines, and it is something that virtually every person in the civilized world has heard of and uses every day. But how can you compete on Google when (read on...)

PageRank, SEO and Helping Users to Find You

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A great looking functional website is no use if users cannot find you. You may not be surprised to know that Google can help here too, as we all know that search is where it started for the web giant back in 1996. Google is the world’s most used search engine, according to figures from (read on...)

The Benefits of Having a Faster Website

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A faster website is always the goal of professionals in the online world, and with good reason. Fast websites can lead to advantages that often go overlooked by the day to day business owner. If you are in an industry of any kind, you need your site to represent you in the best manner possible. (read on...)

3 Tips for Getting Your Website Noticed on Google

February 16, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: SEO 

I can quite understand that as an eager novice webmaster, you are quite at sea. Google has refused to take notice of your website, that you had so lovingly spruced it up. In spite of all that money that you had lavished upon it, to advertise intensely all over, your site continues to remain in (read on...)

SEO – How to Improve Your Rank for Google Search Engine Results

February 8, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: SEO 

Google is at the foremost amongst all search engines, that a large volume of internet users are using to look for relevant websites that Google returns for a particular keyword or keyphrase being used. So if you have to really make your website highly popular, that attracts a large volume of (read on...)

Creating Backlinks Using Google AdWords

January 14, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: PPC 

The key to building a successful business online is to generate as much traffic as you can in the shortest possible time. There are a lot of websites out there that have excellent design and well crafted content but generates poor traffic, which leads to the ultimate demise of their (read on...)

Google Search Engine Loves Fast Loading Website

December 31, 2010 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Search 

Getting Google love is the key to a website or online business’s success in the world of the 21st Century. Without a Google listing you can pretty much write off the future of your site. But in order to climb the ranks and get noticed by the millions of users across the world who are (read on...)

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