A Brief Guide To New Generic Top Level Domains

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A revolutionary change is about to occur in relation to domain names – but what does it mean for Joe Surfer or the average registrant? Country specific extensions such as .au are known as ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domains); and number in the hundreds. There are comparatively very few (read on...)

What’s in a New gTLD?

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One of the most important parts of a URL is also the one that is almost always overlooked. This is the generic TLD or the gTLD. A generic TLD is the last part of the URL that is entered into a browser. For example, if one were to visit “www. DesiredURL.com”, the gTLD would be the (read on...)

The Most Frequently Used Domain Names on the Internet Today

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Sure, everyone thinks of.COM when they’re looking to buy a domain name, but the problem is that most of the good ones are taken. A lot of the big registrars are marketing other top level domains like.INFO,.ME,.WS (for website) or now,.CO (for COmpany or COrporation) as alternatives. But (read on...)

Domain Registry Application to Become Lax by 2010

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What if you could choose between .COM and .BLOG? or .MONEY? or maybe .SEX for your web site’s domain name? Which one will you pick? Hmmm?!! Interesting, right? Gulfnews have just released a news about ICANN getting ready to offer community-based domains.The article is saying that “The (read on...)