How to Start Up Email Marketing – 3 Simple Steps to Get Started Instantly

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Email marketing has become increasingly popular as a mean to earn passive income. Why? Simply because email marketing can work for you 24/7, can be started with very little capital and can be managed almost everywhere. But, the only problem with a lot of people out there, including you and me, is (read on...)

How To Install WordPress More Than Once on Your Hosting Account

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WordPress is a great blogging and web development tool because, not only is WordPress very powerful, it’s also very free. If you’re currently using WordPress, you may be wondering if you can install WordPress more than once on the same hosting account and, if so, is it a difficult (read on...)

Getting Your Domain Name Up and Running

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I’m regularly asked with the question “How can I have my own website? What do I need to do?” so I decided to post it here to help those who have the same question. If you are one of them, this step by step guide is for you! To get started you will need a domain name and a web (read on...)

Moving From Website Design to Web Hosting

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6 Criteria Useful When Considering a Host For Your Website You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your new website design. Now comes the important aspect of hosting your website. One of the first considerations is whether the web host offers Linux or Microsoft hosting services, or both. (read on...)

Smart Ways To Choose The Top Best Web Hosting Services

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In today’s Internet age, no matter what your business is it will certainly need a website of its own and that is why web hosting is so much in demand. A reliable service provider must have unlimited domain hosting deals ensuring superior customer service and security. However, do not (read on...)

What Is a Web Hosting Account?

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To make any style of blog or website that you own and control you are going to need three things. First a domain name, second a hosting account and third the actual files or program that will make up the website or blog you’re looking to make. Domain name is probably the easiest thing for a (read on...)

Web Domain Hosting You Can Count On

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Whether You Have One Domain or Multiple Domains These Web Domain Hosting Companies Stand Out! Web domain hosting companies can register your domain in many cases or you can keep your domain at a registrar that is separate from the hosting service. If you keep your domain at a service other than (read on...)

Getting the Right Web Hosting Account

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If you are planning to get a web hosting service to launch your web site, it is important that you choose wisely the right service appropriate for your needs. How do you get the right web hosting account? Many web hosting service providers offer a lot of various plans that you can choose from. (read on...)

Sending Emails To Thousands Of People At Once

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Thinking of starting your own newsletter? In theory, this sounds like a great business practice. You sign up subscribers, and then follow up with them with multiple emails to convert them into buying customers. Unfortunately, managing an email list can easily become a nightmare in practice if you (read on...)

Hosting 10 Websites On One Web Hosting Account Is Made Easy With Unlimited Domain Hosting

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Thinking of setting up an Internet marketing empire made up of at least 10 profitable sites? That is definitely possible but first, you have to think of a way to host all your websites. Here are some tips on how you can get your websites online quickly. Tip 1: Choose your domain names carefully. (read on...)