Increasing Video Traffic in 4 Simple Steps

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If you are looking to increase video traffic and your online exposure through your video marketing efforts, there are some simple and yet crucial steps that you can take to ensure that you are optimizing your strategy, utilizing your time effectively and providing great value which will (read on...)

Top 5 Video Marketing Tips

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Here are the real deal top 5 video marketing tips. Check these out: 1. Use a REAL PERSON. The days of putting a soundtrack in the background and pasting photos or images in your videos are done and over with. People still use this lame tactic but no one buys into it anymore. It is more important (read on...)

More Hits On YouTube – Top 2 Tactics To Skyrocket Your Video Views

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There are 2 proven tactics that have always worked for getting more hits on YouTube. These top 2 tactics have worked so well that I’m confident in saying that not only will you get more hits on YouTube, but your views will SKYROCKET! Here are the top 2 tactics for drastically increasing (read on...)

YouTube Views Bot – Why NOT To Use These

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Most everyone would love to increase their video views on YouTube. It looks much better to have thousands of views showing for your video as opposed to just a pathetic dozen or so views. Many people have turned to using what’s known as a YouTube views bot. This is an automated system or (read on...)

Use Video to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Website

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Website owners need to focus on increasing their website traffic at all times. This alone can ensure that a consistent customer base is looking at the site which in turn helps to improve business. There are scores of web site promotion techniques going the rounds today among web site owners. The (read on...)

4 Benefits of Using Video Marketing to Gain Video Traffic For Your Website

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Video marketing is a fast growing technique. May new website owners are turning to this method in order to drive targeted video traffic to their sites each day. Video sharing websites get millions of hits every day from visitors searching for information on a specific subject, product, or (read on...)

Nonstop Marketing Campaign Using Videos

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The previous article elucidated the advantages of video marketing over other techniques used in the internet to drive targeted traffic to websites. This article is intended to provide you with useful tips to make your video marketing a grand success. The very purpose of marketing is to produce an (read on...)

The Video Content Versus Textual Content

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One of the major purposes of hosting business websites is to reach a large number of people, who can purchase the products or services. There are various strategies in driving targeted traffic to a website. Some of the well-known tactics are free targeted traffic through search engines, ad (read on...)