Domain Name Selection

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Domain names are your business identity over internet. It should be short, relevant to your business theme and easy to remember. Finding such domain names has become very difficult because some hundreds and thousands or even millions of domains are being registered every day but it’s not (read on...)

Should You Buy the Premium Domain Name of Your Niche?

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Buying the premium domain name in your niche can move your business to another level. Recently the domain name RunningShoes dot com was bought for USD 700.000 by a running shoe e-shop. Why did they pay this incredibly high amount for a domain name? Based on the buyer Chad Weinman from Cat5 (read on...)

How to Choose Your Domain Name

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Are you planning to expand your business through internet and reach thousands of customers? Or are you keen in getting more traffic to your own little personal domain? No matter what your domain is about, one thing you want from your domain is to reach an ocean of internet savvy people and (read on...)

How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Online Marketing Home Business

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A domain name is a unique name for a website. The domain name system is used to assign a unique name to each numeric IP (Internet Protocol) address. Otherwise the average person would have to remember a string of 4 numbers separated by periods to a website. Hence, the importance of the domain (read on...)