Should You Buy the Premium Domain Name of Your Niche?

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Buying the premium domain name in your niche can move your business to another level. Recently the domain name RunningShoes dot com was bought for USD 700.000 by a running shoe e-shop. Why did they pay this incredibly high amount for a domain name? Based on the buyer Chad Weinman from Cat5 (read on...)

Finding Keyword Domains Quickly and Easily

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Some internet marketers find it really difficult to find available keyword domains, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful task. I will outline the basics of quickly and easily finding available keyword domains which you can register today. The first tool you should get to know and use in (read on...)

Make Money With Your Keyword Domains

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Keyword domains can be a single word or more words derived from meaningful combination of joint words to form a one word, it can be either two or more words. These are valuable words that are often used by the bulk of internet users being captured and stored by the search engine system cache, (read on...)

The Benefits of Exact Match Keyword Domain Names

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An exact match keyword domain name is a web URL that is made up of terms that match perfectly to a product, service, or popular search phrase. For example, the exact match domain name for the search phrase “English Bulldogs” would be Domain investors and web (read on...)

The Truth About Keywords in Domain Names

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A question that comes up often is whether a company should be using a keyword rich domain name or not. While it may be a bit easier to get rankings with keywords in your domain, it might not always be the best choice. Before you make this crucial decision, ensure you know the benefits of each (read on...)

Domain Types – Keyword Domains

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Keyword Domains are defined as domain names in which the name is a keyword that people search for on search engines. People search for “Dog Training” on search engines, so an example keyword domain would be or Let’s continue using (read on...)