Keywords Vs Keyphrases – The Secret to Higher Page Ranking

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If you have an interest in search engine optimization then you would understand the importance of keyword research. It really is the building blocks of a successful SEO campaign – and could definitely result in poor results if the keyword research is not done correctly. One of the most (read on...)

Search Engine Optimization Basics – Know Your Keywords

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I laugh to myself when I hear everyone in SEO talking about how the most important thing to improve your website’s position in Google is backlinks. Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely agree that building backlinks to your pages is important, but there is something that I consider (read on...)

Cheap SEO Services – Optimize Your Website For Less Money

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Having been in the online marketing and search engine optimization community for an extended period of time, I have heard my fair share of cheap SEO horror stories! Now that doesn’t mean I am an advocate of going out and splurging thousands of dollars each month of ‘premium (read on...)